Vampire Knight FANFICTION "Resonance"

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This story is under construction at the moment but ill let you all know around the time i will start posting my chapters :D

This season is going to focus more on the other vampires and Kaname and Yuki (by popular demand). There will be quite a few new characters involved in this but i will still mention the old ones :) and who knows, i might even add a bit of a "love twist" ;)

I hope you all will like my new season ^w^

Tafuanya xx

~ Note: I am truely sorry for making you all wait. I have neglected my Wattpad account as i have been having such a busy year, but i will stop procrastinating and start writing! I am almost finished guys! Just hang on a little more and keep pressuring me to finish because thats the only way i will finish :D To everyone who has fanned me, commented or read my other books i hope you will enjoy this season! (Now im a better speller and i have made a few adjustments but i still need to work on my paragraphing sorry! >~< )

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