Chapter 2- SAMPLE

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This is a three-chapter sample of the published version of 'A Bad Boy Stole My Bra.' The complete book is available worldwide on Amazon (the e-book version is very cheap) alongside adaptations in French, German, Italian, Indonesian and Turkish. There is also an adaptation on Episode: 'It Started With a Bra' and the SPIN-OFF SEQUEL featuring all of the same characters is available on Wattpad: 'The Anti-Delinquent System.'

T w o : Come and Get It

My first instinct is to scream. Unfortunately, the boy is one step ahead of me. By the time I snap back to reality, he's already darting out of the window. He doesn't look back as he climbs nimbly over the frame, and my paralysis turns to pure confusion and rage.

"What the absolute hell do you think you are you doing?"

I yank the covers back and swing my legs out of bed to chase him to the window. He gives me a single unreadable glance back before making the final leap towards the opposite ledge, landing so gracefully that a cat would be jealous. My bare legs tingle with goosebumps in the chilly night air, and I fold my arms across my chest as I turn to face the window. Inside the opposite room is a group of boys, all laughing uneasily as they stare at me. They're barely recognisable in the dim lamplight, but I know who they are.

One of the boys approaches the window, the breeze in the frosty air ruffling his golden locks. Dylan Merrick. He's in my grade at school, although I've never really spoken to him. He's one of those effortlessly sociable types whom everybody adores. Dylan offers me a sheepish, reassuring grin which would usually melt any girl in a second, including myself, but this time my anger seems to have immunised me from that angel-carved expression.

"You must be really confused," he says, taking in my mixed expressions.

"No shit, Sherlock," I hiss. "Care to tell me what the hell you think you guys are doing?" I feel so uncomfortable knowing they have my tattered old bra in that room.

Dylan cringes slightly. "It was a stupid dare. We didn't think you'd wake up."

"He stole my freaking bra!" I cry, fisting my hands. "You thought you could break into my house in the middle of the night and steal my bra for some stupid dare? I don't even know you!" I watch him wince at my crazed tone, and I'm suddenly aware of how loud my voice has grown. I have a right to be crazy, surely?

"Very nice bra by the way." Joe Travis pops his head up beside Dylan, all scruffy hair and mischievous blue eyes. He's one of the class clowns at Lindale High. He's mostly popular for the amount of times he's played pranks on the ex-principal – superglue on a chair and stuff like that. He hasn't performed any tricks on the current principal, but I think he's waiting for the right moment to attack. This guy is legendary in our school. He raises his eyebrows in faux sincerity. "I do appreciate a girl who loves Disney."

"Dude," Dylan gives him an almost pained look. "Shut up."

My cheeks flame red. Of all the things, of all the bras in the world, this guy had to steal my freaking Disney bra. Not a pretty one. Not even a plain one. I mean, even I didn't like my Minnie Mouse bra, but it was old and comfy and felt too familiar to let it go in the trash. Surprisingly, most of my anger has diminished by this point, leaving me embarrassed and a little bit overwhelmed.

A stupid dare.

"Were you at least planning on giving it back?"

Dylan looks uneasy, and glances back at Neighbour Dude, who has remained strangely silent for this entire encounter.

"Are you serious?" I groan. I consider climbing over the gap, but another gust of chilly wind alerts my senses to my bare legs and Batman pyjama top. No retrieving it, then. My eyes narrow on my neighbour and I scowl.

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