Chapter 13

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Alicia Clark.

"Get down. NOW!" The blonde girl yells.

We all get on our knees.

She hesitates for a moment and then she goes behind Strand and tied his wrist together.

Then she does the same thing to Nick and Ofelia and my mom. And then me.

Her hands and cold.

She stands in front of us.

There is a Orange haired girl next to her.

"Okay now get up. Get up! Back of the truck."

We do what she says.

Strand gets in first then Ofelia. My mom gets in and then Travis gets in on the right side of her. Nick gets in on the left of her. And then Chris gets in beside Travis. I go to get in beside Nick but the blonde haired girl grabs a hold of my shoulder and pulls me back to the ground.

"I don't think so. Your up front with us sweetheart."

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