Chapter Eighteen

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-This is the edited version of chapter 18. I had it out and i just had to change it up some so here you go! :) -

The feeling of the atmosphere changed dramatically. The once warm room was now gloomy, quiet, and cold. My heart danced around in my chest. The hope I had for Keegan’s mother, gone. She was now dead, just like the rest of his family. I thought when she wanted to go outside, she wanted closure, so she could move on and be happy again, but I was totally wrong.

The look on Keegan’s face was a mixture between sadness, and grief. He made no eye contact with neither of us and it was starting to scare me. He never went down without a fight, but now he looks like he has given up completely. He had strong hopes for his depressed mother, but now just like me; he has given up his hope for her too.  

 Minutes had passed and finally Keegan snapped out of his zone and took a deep breath. He looked at me for a moment, brushing his thumb over my cheek and lips. He ran his large hand over my shoulder and down my arm to my hand. He grasped it firmly in his and helped me down off his desk.

We walked out of the room holding each other’s hand. No words were spoken the whole way to wherever we were going. Every turn we took, the sad atmosphere became thicker. I guess we were getting closer to where his mother rest.

There were many people crowding the hallways of all ages. They were all trying to see the lifeless body of Mrs. Rawson. They all seemed to depart when we got closer and it gave us enough room to go into the room.

The lights were dimmed and there were very few people actually in there. The only person I knew in here was Vivienne. I wasn’t about to get anywhere near her. I let go of Keegan’s hand and he finished walking the rest of the way to his mother’s body.

From what I could see, she was lying on the woodened floor. A knife was embedded right in the middle of her heart. Vivienne was brushing her hair out of the way and kept making lustful glances toward Keegan. I’m sure if I was a wolf, I would be growling at her by now.

Deep growls coming from Keegan’s throat made me jump a little. “Everyone leave, now!” He growled using his Alpha’s tone. Everyone besides Vivienne was gone in seconds. I started backing up ready to leave when Keegan’s voice stopped me.

Not you Fay. He whispered in my mind.

“Vivienne, why are you still here?” He asked. She dropped her mouth wide open and started to open and close it. She looked like a fish out of water.

“Why is the human still here?” She snarled back glaring at me.

“She has a name Vivienne, and she’s my mate!” Keegan yelled. Vivienne gritted her teeth back and forth.

“Out of all the people in the world, she is your mate? Look at her Keegan. She’s a human, that’s all she ever will be because she’s too chicken of us. She is weak and helpless and pathetic!” She screeched rising to her feet. She stared at me hard and the familiar pain made its way into my head.

I clutched my head and started feeling dizzy. I couldn’t breathe and I started grasping for air. I fell to the floor, but Keegan hands caught me before I hit the ground. He laid me down gently and was back at Vivienne.

He pinned her against the wall and I could hear her gasping for air. “Let her go Vivienne.”

“No…” She choked out and the pain in my head got worse. I screamed at the top of my lungs. The pain was becoming unbearable.

“Vivienne stop it now! You’re killing her!” Keegan growled.

“Good.” She coughed. Tears started falling down my face as the pain in my head worsened. I kept screaming my voice becoming horse. Footfalls met my ears and soon entered the room. Vivienne screamed and started shouting curse words as she was being dragged out of the room. My head still throbbed with pain and I thought any second it would explode from the pressure.

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