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Important note on updates:

Before end of August (actually probably tomorrow or in the next few days), I will post the first three chapters because I would like this story to enter the #Watty2016 competition just for the fun of it and August 31st is the deadline. Once the book is fully written (which should be soon since I have only a few chapters left to write...), I will start publishing the rest. Updates won't come every day as I did with the first story because I really want to focus on the third story so that it doesn't take too long between the last chapter of this story and the moment I start posting the third book. So I will update over the weekends and post 4 or 5 chapters at a time. Hopefully, you'll be fine with that!

Please read the preface as it contains some important information about the story.

This book is the second of the Black Moon series, so if you haven't read the first book, I Was Shooting For The Moon, I Hit Two Stars, I strongly recommend that you do read that one first. I Would Give Him The Moon is a prequel to the first one and begins about a year prior the other one.

Feel free to vote for the chapters you like (or all of them :p ), comment if you want to, and if you want to recommend it to other readers, you can add it to your reading lists :)

Once it is fully published, I know that it will look awfully long, but most chapters are much shorter than what they were in the first story, so I guess it will be easier to read. Here below is how the book is built:

Part I: First steps (chapters 1 to 19): recounts the encounter between Joshua and Liam and how they got closer until Joshua told him about his lifestyle.

Part II: Losing his innocence (chapters 20 to 42): recounts Joshua and Liam's early relationship as a Dom and a Sub, and how Liam loses his innocence

Part III: Action (chapters 43 to 73): this is where most of the interesting action of the book takes place, with a series of events, including what "happened" to Liam and was mentioned in the epilogue of I was Shooting for the Moon.

Part IV: Settling Down (chapters 73 to end): This is mostly a bonus part as the story could have stopped at the end of the previous part and it mostly covers that moment when Shannon joined the lifestyle and Liam moved in with Shannon.

This is a Gay story, which obviously means men interacting together. If you are homophobic, I guess you should just delete the book from your library and look for something else.

The story is marked with Adult contents. So if you're under 18 or if you are not comfortable with sex scenes and verbal language, you may want to look for another book as well. There will be a lot of sex in this story, though not before chapter 23, and light BDSM; however I don't intend to warn the readers at the beginning of each kinky chapter, because that might happen a lot.

I am absolutely not into the BDSM lifestyle and I don't mean any offense to those who do. I know that there are several degrees of practice, so there's no need to tell me: this is not how it happens, that doesn't exist, he shouldn't be behaving like this. Just remember that this is a fiction and this is how things happen in my imagination.

I have read countless books before I finally decided to write my own story. This is the second book I write and I am really happy about how the first story was welcome, so I guess I'll go on writing. My inspiration comes from all these books I have read, both in French and in English, and from all the blogs and specialized websites I browsed for information. Some characters or situations might remind you of something you have already read and that wouldn't be surprising because I myself often feel like that or that character in the books I read remind me of characters from other books. Talking about characters, mine are all fictional of course.

As a reminder, I am French and English is not my mother language but I have been pleased by many comments on my first story saying that my English was good and I thank you for that because it means that all these years of learning and practicing this language have been worth something. However, do not hesitate to report mistakes you may have found because if my English is apparently good enough, it is far from perfect and I always appreciate comments that make me improve.

Thanks again to all the readers who gave a try to my first story and who are waiting for this second one. I hope you will enjoy Joshua and Liam's story. I hope you won't hate Joshua for what he used to be, just remember that he turned out a good lover for Liam since you already know that and hopefully you will understand how Liam changed him :)

Last thing... This story is really long... like really, really long. Liam is more than innocent when it starts and it takes a long time before things begin to move, so don't expect too much smut in the beginning.

Enjoy, and finally, I'll be able to start writing Camden and Noah's story at the same time I edit this story and publish it. Till then... I'm sending you love from Paris!

Posted on Sun. 21 August 2016

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