Bruce and Brandon Lee- curse or planned murders?

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Bruce and Brandon Lee- curse or planned murders?

One evening the martial-arts master known as Bruce Lee took some medication for a headache. An allergic reaction caused his brain to swell and he died of cerebral edema at age 32 and on the verge of super-stardom: His highly influential kung fu classic, Enter the Dragon, was released a month later.

Twenty years on, his only son Brandon was on the wrong end of a decidedly more complicated sequence of events. 

Brandon Lee was filming a scene for The Crow that required his character to be shot. The previous day, the props team overlooked a “squib load” -- a real bullet -- that had been pushed into the gun barrel. The next day, another props team loaded the gun with blanks; when fired, the gunpowder proved sufficient to fire the squib load into the 28-year-old Lee, killing him.

Like his father, Brandon Lee died young, and on the verge of stardom. 

Conspiracy in relation to Bruce Lee-

Lee was either murdered by the triads.

It is said that the Chinese Mafia killed Bruce Lee as a punishment for exposing many martial arts secrets. They had warned Bruce Lee over and over about exposing karate. He was the first to do work of this kind, but the more popular he became, the more movies he made, the bigger the audience, and more karate on film, especially in the American market. After his death (which was shrouded in mystery), his son Brandon Lee came onto the scene. As the son of the foremost martial artist ever known, he picked up where up where his father left off. It however was much quicker that he met his demise, allegedly at the hands of the same Chinese Mafia, again shrouded in mystery.

The Triads, a group of organized criminals with ties to the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, are top suspects in the murder of both Bruce and Brandon Lee. The Triads were angry with Bruce Lee for refusing to work in their movies, and in turn, held a grudge against his son, Brandon.

He died from a Dim Mak ("death strike") he received some time earlier.

Bruce Lee was killed by a "death touch": Quite simply, this scenario suggests that Bruce Lee was felled by a single fatal martial arts blow. It was punishment for Bruce teaching Eastern martial arts secrets to Westerners. The "death touch" refers to Dim Mak, an ancient Chinese martial art that stresses the ability to strike certain pressure points and thus cause incapacitation or death.

His family was cursed. 

Bruce supposedly was haunted by personal demons. He had premonitions that he would die at half his father's age of 64 (which he did at 32). Bruce Lee believed in a curse because his dad died under strange circumstances as well. He even said that his son will die young.

For them curses only affect the males hence why his daughter is still alive.

What supposedly happened?

On July 20, 1973, six days before the release of his latest movie, Enter the Dragon, Lee met with producer Raymond Chow to talk about a new project, Game of Death. The two then drove over to Lee's colleague's home, Taiwanese actress Betty Ting Pei. When Lee complained of a headache, Pei allegedly gave him an Equagesic—a combination of aspirin and a muscle relaxant. Lee reportedly decided to take a nap, but never woke up. The only substance found in the actor's autopsy was Equagesic and it was later ruled that he died due to a hypersensitivity to the muscle relaxant in the drug.

The final note on his death certificate ended up being "Death by misadventure", due to the belief that aspirin may have worked against him.

Those are the facts, but so much mystery surrounds why this happened, and whether foul play was involved that it has made its place in history as a story that goes beyond the grave, with some people still believing that Lee is either alive or cursed.

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