34. Ryder Van Woodsen by jerileekaye

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34. Ryder Van Woodsen 

Knight in Shining Armani by jerileekaye

Overview: Sometimes, getting over the pain of betrayal and breakup means you have to GET UP. GET EVEN. GET A BETTER MAN.

In this world full of hurt and pain,

I need someone who would help me through the rain. 

To comfort me when Im sad,

Doing everything just to make me glad.

In this world I need a Brave Knight,

Who would never give up any fight.

A knight who would dry away my tears,

Telling me to overcome my fears.

A knight who loves me for who I am inside,

With him there's nothing more I need to hide.

A person who will still be standing strong,

Eventhough everything has gone wrong.

I need someone who is willing to give me more,

Someone I can call my Knight In Shining Armor.

1. Can you tell us something about your normal life?

It’s always hectic. I’m like an entirely different person at different points of the day. At work I manage a global supplier portfolio, and high expenditure projects. My actual job means high pressure and low creativity low excitement. When I get home I’m sort of a graphic artist, Shirt designer and entrepreneur. I’m a wife and a mother all day long. On my free ‘me’ moments, I play the piano, and read romance stories.Then I start the whole thing all over again the next day.

2.From where did you get the idea about Knight in the Shining Armani?

One of my dearest friends found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. I was the one giving her advice and helping her get through her pain. Many of the advices that Adam and Astrid’s friends gave Astrid on the book were taken from my many conversations with my friend. It also went as far as asking another guy to sort of pretend to be into her, and would make her ex feel so low. In reality, it didn’t happen the way I wanted it to happen to her, but I’m not the author of her life. However, I wrote Knight In Shining Armani, and all the drama in the book went exactly how I imagined it would.

 3.Tell me more about Ryder.

The description of Ryder that I liked most in the book is “Handsome as hell… sweet as heaven.”

Because that’s exactly how I made him. Everything good, somehow flawed, a prince and a knight rolled into one, but still very real, and very human. Plus, he’s smoking hot, filthy rich and he could be naughty if he wants to. He’s this age’s prince charming.

I made Ryder almost perfect to remind the readers that each and everyone of us deserves somebody like him. Sexy. Funny. Good. Protective. Loving. A real knight. A true hero. I would like the readers to remember that your dreamguy didn’t have to be seriously flawed for your lovelife to have excitement or spice. When you have somebody like Ryder, you can go through all the storms of life, and you’re assured that you’re protected, loved and taken care of. We all deserve a good guy who would go to hell and back for us.

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