Chapter 7

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Yuuto shifted his bag and hugged his grandma tight. Then he moved to the man next to her, his grandpa. "Thanks for everything."

"Yeah, thanks," Yuuka said, doing the same. "It's so good to relax and eat your food, grandma."

"When are you too visiting again?" the old man asked in his deep voice.

The siblings exchanged quick looks. "We'll be here for the festival," Yuuka replied. "There's no way I'm missing it this year."

"Last year was too good." The man laughed. "Yamamoto was drinking to celebrate his..."

While his sister and grandfather talked about last year's festival, Yuuto pulled his grandma aside. "Thanks again for helping me with this," the teacher whispered, patting the bag with his free hand.

The old woman smiled and waved her hand. "I told you I like helping you. But I never thought I'd making a dress like that," she said chuckling, her cheeks a shade of pink. "Just remember to take pictures. I love seeing you in those cute little outfits, but I must say some are a bit too provocative."

Yuuto showed an awkward smile and let out a weird high-pitched laugh. "Come on, grandma. It's all for the art," he said, trying to steer away from the topic. I'll never send her a photo again, he made a mental note. Until today, the teacher had only showed her the normal photos, the ones he thought she could handle.

Thank goodness she doesn't know about my blog. If she saw those photos in miniskirt... or the school swimsuit... or the combos, I bet she'd go nuts, he thought. Or if she saw one of Seiji-kun' paintings... Thinking about the artist made Yuuto glance at his bag, and blush. If grandma knew why I want this cosplay, she'd definitely freak out.

"Come on little brother." His sister's voice brought his mind back. "We gotta go." Yuuka wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him.

They said goodbye to their grandparents one more time before passing the ticket gates. They rushed when they heard the sound system announcing the subway was about leave. Even if it was a busy time of the day, the wagon was rather empty, so it was easy to find seats for them.

"Lucky," Yuuka said, taking the huge backpack from her back. She placed it on the floor, between her legs, and sat. Yuuto sat next to her, putting his bag on his lap. "We'd never find seats so good in the city at this time."

"Yeah." Yuuto leaned his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying the rhythmic move.

"They looked better than last year," Yuuka said after a while in silence.

"Yes," Yuuto agreed. "Even after twenty years, it's still hard for them."

"Seeing their friends' kids reuniting must be tough. Especially Tanaka-san. She was mom's best friend growing up."

"I like her stories. She makes mom sounds like a crazy delinquent growing up," the teacher said, laughing. Yuuka joined him. "Grandma told me she wanted to keep mom's past hidden from us."

"Speaking of grandma." Yuuka turned her head to her brother. "You practically spend the entire golden week with her." His sister narrowed her eyes. "What were you two sewing?"

She already knows I was sewing, Yuuto thought, grabbing the bag on his laps out of reflex.

Yuuka reached out and pulled it, opening the zipper enough to see the white and frilly piece of clothes. Her eyes widened and a smile appeared on her lips. "Is this a—"

The teacher pulled the bag back and closed the zipper as fast as he could. "It's a cosplay!" he said a bit too loud. Some people stared at them. Yuuka had trouble breathing and covered her mouth with both hand while Yuuto blushed.

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