Chapter 2

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Major time skip to the Day she is leaving for Paris.

Today is the Day. I'm flying to Paris to join my Brother and his Band for the rest of the European leg of the 5 Seconds of Summer Tour. I am so excited to finally see him again. I've never been apart from my Brother for more then 2 Days and now I haven't seen him in a whole week. I swear I nearly pissed myself when I was home alone and a Thunderstorm started. I am terrified of Thunderstorms.

Okay let me explain this real quick. When I was little I had this cute Treehouse in our garden and I was up there nearly 24/7. One Day when I was up there the Tree started burning because of the Thunderstorm that only just started. I was screaming and crying and I was terrified. The treehouse started burning as well and I tripped over something trying to get away from the fire and fell backwards out of the treehouse nearly killing myself. So yeah that's why I'm terrified of Thunderstorms so don't blame me.

Anyway I just checked my suitcase in and now I have to wait 1 1/2 hours for my plane to get called. I'm wandering through all the shops and buy a few things here and there. I'm wearing a Don Broco shirt and some ripped Skinny Jeans with my black Vans.

After shopping for an hour I finally decide to settle down in one of the booths at the Starbucks. I ordered a Venti Strawberries and Cream and a piece of the New York Cheesecake. That's my standard order. Whenever I'm at Starbucks I order the same things. I've been sitting there for way too long staring at the wall that I nearly didn't hear my flights announcment.

>Flight 27492 to Paris is now boarding. I repeat Flight 27492 to Paris is now boarding.<

I jump up, grab my bag and run as fast as I can to my gate praying that I won't miss my flight. When I get to my gate I am the last person to board the plane and I am glad that I made it in time. I get to my seat and take my headphones and my phone out of my bag before I stuff it under my seat. I put in my headphones and enjoy the newest Green Day Album while looking out of the window.


1 hour later I finally arrive in Paris. I quickly get my back and hurry off the plane. I run to get my suitcase and when I finally have it I go to the area where Families and Friends wait looking for that one face.
I finally see that huge smile and quickly run to him, throwing my arms around him.

>I missed you little one.<

>Rob it's been a week but I missed you too.< I let go off him and we start walking to the car that's waiting for us. >Does Si know anything?<

>Nah. The lads are at the Venue with the 5SOS Boys. I told them I needed to go to the Dentist.<

>The Dentist? Really Rob?<

>That's the only thing that came to my mind. Don't blame me.<

We get in the Car and drive to the Hotel so I can leave my suitcase there. I quickly take a shower and change into a Black Body and a navy skirt. I braid my Hair and pin it up so it looks like a Halo. I get my gray lace up Heels, my phone and my Bag and leave for some sightseeing. Rob left after he dropped me off since he has to do some Soundcheck.


I've been wandering around Paris for hours and it's now time to head to the Venue. I visited the Eiffel Tower and so many places. I feel like my Camera is already full because I took so many Photos. Taking Photos is probably my biggest hobby. I'm really passionate about it.

At the Venue I walk to the back entrance showing Security the Backstage Pass Rob gave me earlier and walk in slowly trying not to get caught by the rest of Don Broco. I was just about to take my phone out and call Rob when I heard voices coming towards me. I started to panic when I saw this huge curtain and quickly hide behind it. The voices stopped infront of the curtain so I peeked around the edge of the curtain to see four boys standing there. I quickly ducked back when one of the boys turned his head. I silently pray that he didn't see me.

>I think we should go back to the Stage.< One of the boys says with a strange Accent.

>Uh yeah. I'm just going to use the Toilet real quick.<

The voices and steps fade away and I peek out from where I stand to see that no one is there anymore. I look both ways and quickly get out of my hiding spot and start to walk down a long hallway when suddenly I bump into someone.

>Hello? Where did you come from?<

I quickly looked up and to see an incredibly handsome boy.

>Oh sorry I didn't look where I was going. I'll just be going.< I looked at him one last time and quickly walked away. When I got around the corner I started to run towards the Toilet Sign to hide away for a bit.

Looking into the mirror I couldn't help but to think about that Boy. His eyes were such a beautiful colour and they may stare in your soul.

So that's it for the second Chapter and I hope you enjoyed this one. I appreciate every comment.
Anyway who do you think is the Mystery Boy?
Sanny x

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