The day after.....

Yesterday was the best day I experienced in my life. We watched movies all day. Well I didn't. I was just looking at her. She is actually a movie. I can't even describe how much I love her.

Right now I was walking down the hallway. I am supposed to meet Aislinnn by her lockers. I gripped my books and walked to the lockers.

What I saw shattered my heart into pieces. Kyle and Aislinn were kissing. She is supposed to be mine! They pulled away and that's when they noticed me. Kyle just smirked at me. My eyes were filled with rage.

I walked to Aislinn. She took her books and we both went to class. She was looking pretty today. She was wearing denim shorts and a maroon jumper. People would say its just casual, but I would say its beautiful. Everything Aislinn wears is beautiful. She is beautiful.

Aislinn's POV

I was waiting by my locker waiting for Niall to come. Someone tapped on my shoulder, it was Kyle, my boyfriend. He crashed his lips onto mine. I immediately kissed back. We both pulled away and that when I notice Niall a few meters away.

His ears looked red. And his eyes showed..... Jealousy? He walked over here, and I saw Kyle smirking at him.

I couldn't help but feel guilty. Why was I guilty? Am I getting feelings for Niall?

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