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      Night pierced the sky as faint stars gleamed a low light to help few who needed to see. Hardly any clouds were in the sky which gave you and advantage. Your name was (y/n) and you were on a mission. A mission to find a missing person that you were desperate to find since the only remains you remembered seeing was their trail of blood. You quickly shook the memories away as a sigh left your mouth while you sat on a branch in a tree. Currently, you were hunting down some Varugas that would have some information you needed, but lost track of them in the woods.

        'Damn, where did they go?' you thought while scanning the area. That's when you heard something like a scream. Normally, this wouldn't bother you, but the voice sounded all too familiar. Fear clouded your thoughts as you quickly ran to the spot where the sound was coming from. You got closer then noticed that there was a total of four people and two Varugas. Three of the people seemed tied up as one Varuga used their hair and the other had an extra pair of arms. One of the figures looked like someone you knew and it was confirmed when you hid in hearing distance.

        "You stupid monsters! Just leave us alone! Go away!" shouted the boy with snow white hair as he tried to throw a rock. It was a miserable attack which kinda made you feel sorry for him just as the four armed monster came closer to him with a kill aura surrounding it. Without thinking, you threw on your hood to cover your face as you lunged toward the monster and kneed him square in the jaw. He went flying away as dirt flew up in the air. You acted quickly and swung your leg up as a blade came out of the bottom of your shoe and cut the hair holding the girl. You brought your fists up ready for a fight just in case.

        To your surprise, the Varugas started to retreat. You clicked your tongue in annoyance then started to chase after them. Voices could b heard from behind you saying to stop, but you didn't listen and kept running. Suddenly, you were tackled full force to the ground and rolled in a flurry of arms and legs. You groaned since you probably hit a few rocks then slowly opened your eyes to see a boy with goggles was above you looking at your revealed (h/l) (h/c) hair. His eyes widened in surprise as you blinked a few times at each other. You cleared your throat then said a bit coldly, "Um, could you get off?"

        He gave a stern "Sorry" then stood up offering you a hand. You swatted it away then stood up on your own while dusting yourself off. Within that same moment, you were tackled once again to the ground as a familiar voice shouted, "(y/n)!" You saw that it was the one person you hadn't seen in a long time. You slightly smiled then patted his head and said, "Hey, Nai." He smiled and hugged you tighter as you tried to sit up. A blonde man and girl came running towards the three of you. Nai let you stand up before hugging your arm tightly as if to prevent you from getting away.

        "It's been so long, (y/n)! I thought I would never see you again!" he said while squeezing your arm to the point where it felt a bit numb. You tensed slightly just as the goggled boy asked, "Um, Nai, do you know this girl?" Nai quickly nodded his head as he let go of your arm so you both could stand up. "Mmhm, this is (y/n). She knows Karoku too." You gave a small wave of your hand as you took in the three people that stood before you. The two blondes seemed to be from Circus, but the one boy looked like a regular civilian. "How did you find us, (y/n)?" Nai asked suddenly out of curiosity. 

        You gave a small smile then gestured to your ears. "I have pretty good ears like you remember? I heard you guys then rushed over here since I was following those Verugas." He nodded in understand then a thought struck him. "Oh! (y/n) this is Gareki, Yogi, and Tsukumo. They come from Circus." he said while gesturing to each person. The one named Yogi gave off a big smile and a wave while saying, "Hello!" Tsukumo gave a slight nod with the hint of a smile as Gareki gave a stern look before turning away. Circus huh? you thought as you noticed the airship floating behind them. "Welcome to Circus, (y/n)!" slightly shouted Nai as multiple thoughts ran through your head.

                        This is not gonna end well.

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