Cursed Necklace

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Weeks passed and soon enough it was snowing outside. "How is it this cold already?" ron complained shoving his hands into his pockets. Leah, Harry, and Ron walked the path to Hogsmeade. Apparently Hermione was somewhere at the castle but they decided to go without her.

 It was the first trip to Hogsmeade and there were many people walking the streets of the village even though it was freezing outside. "I should have brought gloves." Leah muttered as a couple walked by huddling close together for warmth.

 "You want my gloves?" Harry asked "Are you sure?" Leah questioned "Well, I wouldn't want you to freeze our fingers off so..." Harry took off his gloves and gave them to Leah who reluctantly put them on. "Thanks." Leah said to him.

 Suddenly Hermione ran up to the three of them. "Hey." she greeted. "Hi, where were you?" Ron asked "Well, I was curious about the Half-Blood Prince so I went to the..." "Library." Leah and Harry finished. Hermione raised an eyebrow, as if to say 'Am I really that predictable?'. "And well, I couldn't find a single reference to the Half-Blood Prince!" Hermione said defeated

 "There we go! That settles it then." Harry said and we over heard Slughorn's conversation "Filius! I thought I'd see you at the Three Broomsticks!" Slughorn called after Flitwick. "Actually I can't, emergency choir practice I'm afraid." With that Slughorn walked into the pub.

 "Anyone fancy a butter beer?" Harry asked and soon enough we were at the Three Broomsticks. We sat in a booth. Harry and Ron sat on one side and Hermione and Leah on the other.

 Hermione ordered four butter beers and while waiting we saw Ginny and Dean in the corner booth snuggling against each other. "Bloody hell." Ron muttered . "Sick git." "Oh come on Ron! they're just holding hands." Hermione said. We turned back to them and this time their faces seemed to be glued together.

 "And snogging." Leah said and then the butter beers came to the table. "That happens to be my sister." Ron defended "Well, you think you'd be used to it by now." Leah said taking a sip. "Well, what if she came in here and saw you snogging me? Do you think she'd just get up and leave?" Hermione asked.

 Harry whispered to Leah across the table "What's Malfoy doing here?" Harry asked and looked over to where the doors to the loos were, Leah saw a platinum blond figure slide into one of the doors. She couldn't see which one from where she was sitting. They stared at each other for a moment.

 "Harry my boy!" Slughorn greeted "What brings you here sir?" Harry asked, while shaking his hand. "Oh the three Broomsticks and I go way back farther than I care to admit! I can remember when it was One Broomstick!"

 "Now, on the topic at hand. In my old days I used to throw a supper party with a select group of students would you be game?" he asked "I consider it an honor sir!"

 "Excellent, I expect Ms. Green and Ms. Granger to come along as well." he turned to Leah and Hermione. They turned to each other and nodded "We'd be delighted." Hermione answered "Good, look for my owl! Good to see you Wollomby!" Slughorn said to Ron and left leaving Ron with a disappointed look on his face.


 After they finished in the Three Broomsticks they walked out into the freezing cold weather. Hermione put her arms around Ron and Harry as she was looking and feeling a bit tipsy. There was silence between the four of them, it seemed no one had anything to say.

 Suddenly someone screamed, it turned out to be Lian who was walking with Katie who lay on the snow covered path. All of a sudden she was sliding across the ground, and lifted up as if she were a rag doll. Leah had grabbed Harry's hand out of fear, Harry squeezed it slightly to comfort her.