Sunday Kind Of Love

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GENRE: Adult Romance, Male/Male... 18+ due to language and some sexual situations


Elias Bennett is an up and coming defense attorney, handsome and well sought out. The only problem is; he has been living a lie for a greater part of his life. Will a chance encounter with a handsome accountant change all that? Can Liam make him see that living a lie is not a life worth living?

Chapter 1

I walk through my office before anyone else arrives. I always get here early and stay late. That's what you need to do to make partner. No one ever makes it in the law profession by not giving up everything else in their life. I took this job at Montrell, Wilson, and Smith almost three years ago and am rapidly approaching partner status. I have had to work extremely hard to gain their trust. They didn't know anything about me aside from my resume and my court record, which was impressive. So they were a little surprised when I walked through the door on my first day, expecting someone that looked entirely different than what they got. They had seen my name and knew of my family, well, my father's family. I can't really call them my family since they never accepted me in the first place. Hell, if they could have figured out a way to legally change my name they would have.

My father was William M. Bennett. He was the son of a well-known cattle rancher while my mother, Mercedes Martinez, was the daughter of the lead housekeeper at the ranch. Their affair had been sordid, or at least that is what I heard from my mom's relatives. His family would never talk of such things. They tried to deny that there was even a relationship until my mom turned up pregnant. The way my mom tells it, my dad was ecstatic and asked to marry her immediately. But his family went ballistic, started calling her a whore and fired her on the spot. My grandfather sent my dad to a friend's ranch in El Paso, 700 miles away from my mom. In the 1950's there was no easy way to stay in touch other than phone or mail. Conveniently, my grandfather made sure that the foreman at that particular ranch kept my father busy from morning until night.

My father wrote my mother regularly, professing his love for her while also sending her everything he earned. I've read the letters so I know that part is true. He was kept away from her for the entire pregnancy, but when he received the telegram from one of my uncles telling him she had me, he quit and took off. My mother intended on giving me my grandfather's full name but my father was having none of that. He wanted his son to at least carry his last name. All hell broke loose as the family fought over the legitimacy of my heritage. My father didn't care and married my mother anyway; unfortunately, he was then disowned by his parents. He found work and supported me and my mom, but it wasn't enough, so he took another job on a ranch outside of San Antonio, coming back every weekend to be with us. I don't remember much of him other than he always seemed happy. He looked like a typical cowboy, always in jeans and a cowboy hat, his honey blond hair hung to his shoulders and his blue eyes always expressed adoration and love for mom and I. He was tall and thin, much like myself and he seemed to have a carefree spirit, unlike me, who tends to be way too serious for my own good.

"Good morning, Mr. Bennett," Sophie says as I pass her desk.

I give her a smile. "I'll be in my office most of the day."

"Don't forget that the auditors are coming today. I think there are three of them so they will be using the conference room."

I nod. "Alright. They don't need me do they?"

She shrugs. "I don't think so."

I nod again. "Thanks, Sophie."

I walk to my office and grab the file for the case I will be going to court for on Monday and then pull out several case books, reviewing previous decisions and lining everything up for the trial. I am pouring over case after case trying to make sure I have every base covered. I want no surprises. The day flies by and I realize that I haven't eaten yet. I glance at the clock and see it is 6:20 p.m. I'll go grab something to eat across the street and then finish up. When I exit the elevator on the first floor, there are three men sitting in the waiting area talking. Huh! Those must be the auditors, and by the time I come back they are gone.

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