Part 1: The Love Letter

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//Aaron's pov//

it was the second day of high school, and i was hoping i would get to see the black-haired boy again. He looked so cute when i saw him yesterday. I need to see him again. I walked around the school and saw him with Garroth, why is he with one of the most popular guys in school? I listen to what they were saying, i heard Garroth called him Zane, which i figured was his name and then baby brother. oh so he is Garroth's younger brother? Who knew. I saw the go to the lockers, and Zane opened one and put his stuff in. They then both walked away. I went over and read the name on the locker. It said: Zane Ro'Maeve. Well now i know his name. But how should i get him to notice me. I saw one of the werewolf boys give a love letter to one of the girls. That's it! I put a love letter in his locker! I found a place and wrote a letter. Once i was done, i went to the locker and put it in. I then ran off.

//Zane's pov//

I walked with my brother to my locker. He didn't want me to go alone because he was afraid i would get builled. His friend Laurence was with us. God i hate being Garroth's brother. I opened the locker and a note fell out. I picked up and read it. it said: Dear Zane, you don't know me but i know you and i have to admidt that i have fallen in love with you when i saw you on the first day of high school, please meet behind the school after classes are over for the day.  Love your secret admirer. My face turned red. Someone was in love with me? Me of all people. I should got meet them. I put the note in my pocket. I hoped my brother didn't see it. I smiled to myself. I couldn't wait for school to end, this time for a new reason.

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