My Son, The Moron Part 78

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Maggie's POV...

It was done. It was closed.

The Barnes- Joifield cold case had finally been solved after so many decades. It was finally solved when Bettina appeared back here in Armidale to finally fill in those last details that were missing.

With it's closing, I felt numb for the first time in a long time.

I think the numbness started when I stood outside Bettina's hospital room after she died while being wrapped in Ron's arms. Having my own arms wrapped tightly around Ron's waist I allowed myself the privilege of shedding more tears for all of those who had been affected and lost because of Laura's and Bettina's actions.

But for me.. right at this moment.. it was like I was finally saying goodbye to Bobby after so long.

Ron and I had always talked about Bobby over the years. Especially during the night when one of those horrible dreams would wake me up to find that Ron was holding me close to him. It wasn't just my tears that were being shed in the dark of night, but his too.

Ron and I stayed like that in the hallway for quite some time until we heard the door open behind us.

Still wrapped in Ron's arms, I turned slightly to see Jarrod standing there looking very haggard and drawn with his eyes being red rimmed through the tears I imagined he shed over his mother. I just looked at him and waited for whatever he was going to do or say.

I found out years ago that he didn't appreciate my impulsiveness where he was concerned so I was never going to make the first move towards him regardless of how much I really wanted to. So there I was as I waited, and I watched him.

He took one step towards me with one of his arms lifted out to us.. or maybe to his father. I didn't know which.

" Mum" Was all he said which had me frowning at him. Was he trying to tell me something about his mother trying not to flinch when I referred or thought about her in that way.

So I waited for him to say something else.

" Mum." He said again as he looked at me. Just before taking another step and reaching out for me.

He reached out for me.

And it was the mother in me that responded when I moved away from Ron's arms slightly and lifted my own arms to the son who never made a involuntary move towards me since he came back all those years ago.

Wrapping my arms around his big strong shoulders, I felt his own wrap around me and pull me close to him feeling his body shudder with each sobbing breath he was taking in. We stood there like that for I don't know how long before he spoke to me.

" I'm so sorry for the way that I have acted since coming back to you." I heard him whisper to me from above my head as he rocked me in his arms.

I could also feel what he said as his words whispered through my hair when he spoke. I just held in close and continued to rock him.

Then I felt Ron's arms come around us both and squeeze us tight. Ron never cared that Jarrod wasn't as affectionate as the others. Jarrod was still his son and if he wanted to hug or even kiss him, he will damn well do it regardless of whether or not you want him to.

It was Ron's way of breaking down any tenseness between him and anyone.

The first time that Ron did it with Jarrod, he was horrified about it. Bobby of course just laughed like a loon that he was. It was years before anyone would understand what it was about Bobby and his antics that caused him to act the way he did when he was growing up.

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