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"So how was the family dinner?" Taehyung asked as I entered our shared room.

I sat on my bed and removed my socks. "It was okay. I ate a lot."

"That's all?"

I just nodded and walked to my closet to change for comfortable clothes.

"Yah Jeon Jungkook! You will not smile like an idiot if there's nothing special that happened. Come on, spill it out!"

Woah... I didn't notice it myself. I looked at the mirror and saw my very satisfying slash happy face.

I faced Taehyung who looks really impatient. Waiting for me to spill everything that happened between me and Dahyun.

But I'm the evil maknae so I decided to irritate him a little bit.

Besides, everything that happened seems surreal. Until now I can't believe I got close to a girl that fast, that I will experience running with her while being chased by my sasaeng fans, sit on the swing under the moonlight, and even asked her to marry me.

"I don't really remember everything that happened awhile ago... give me time to remember them all, hmm?" I told him as I continued to change my clothes.

Taehyung rolled his eyes and just lied down on his bed. "Fine! I'll wait. But you better tell me everything before this night ends!"

I just chuckled.

Then my phone rang.

I reached for my pocket but I can't seem to find my phone. Then I immediately turn to look at Taehyung again who is now giving me a playful grin. My eyes widened. "Don't you dare answer that call!"

"Why?" He asked with a teasing tone. Then he looked at my phone screen. "'My Dahyun ❤'?" His mouth formed an "O" then he started giggling like an idiot. "Is she your fiancee? The girl your parents wanted you to marry?"

I tried to snatch my phone to him but he immediately stand up on his bed, making it hard for me to reach it. "Yah! Kim Taehyung!"

My phone is continuously ringing. I'm worried that Dahyun might get angry if I will not answer her call immediately. I even promised her before we part ways that we will contact each other immediately as soon as we get home.

"Give it back, you idiot!"

"Answer my question first!"

I pulled my hair and resist myself not to knock Taehyung down or else the other members might woke up. "Yes! She is my fiancee! Happy now?" I climbed on his bed and successfully snatched my phone.

I signaled Taehyung to zip his mouth before answering Dahyun's call.


"Hi... Umm, are you sleeping already? Because it took you so long to answer the phone... I'm sorry."

"No! No! I'm wide awake. It's just that... I just got back from our dorm and my manager is talking to me awhile ago..."

Taehyung snorted.

I glared at him.

"Oh, I see. I just called because I want to make sure if you got back to your dorm safely."

I chuckled. "I should be the one checking on you since I am the guy." I heard her chuckle from the other line. "But I'm really sorry awhile ago if I didn't answer your call immediately."

"It's okay."

Then it suddenly went quiet. Only our soft breathings can be heard. It wasn't an awkward feeling, though. I found myself smiling again and I know that she's smiling too.

"Did you miss me already that's why you called that fast?" I teased her.

"Yeah... I miss you already."

I admit. I was taken aback. I thought she will say that "You're too full of yourself. I don't miss you. I'm just checking on you."

My heart skipped a beat and I was loss of words.

Then I heard her soft laugh. "Did I made your heart flutter. Aigoo... you really like me that much, huh?" She teased.

I playfully rolled my eyes. This girl... seriously drives me crazy.

"Stop teasing me." Shit. I'm a blushing mess right now. And shit, Taehyung is silently laughing at me. I will surely hit him after this!

"What? I'm not teasing you."

I became serious again. I cleared my throat. "I miss you already. And yeah... you're right. I must have like you so much."

It went quiet on the other line. I smirked. She might be really surprised. I can imagine her blushing right now.


I laughed and went to lied down on my bed. "Is my Dahyunnie blushing?" I teased her more.

"W-Who's blushing? Maybe you're the one who's blushing!"

I feel my face heated. Yes... I'm a blushing mess.

"And what did you just say? "My Dahyunnie"?" I heard her scoffed. "Since when did I become yours?"

I sat up and rested my back on the headboard. I bite my lip and smiled. "Soon you will be mine. Just wait, Kim Dahyun. Just wait 'til we get married."

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