It’s laughable really, their stupidity just – laughable. We Gods are not as fragile as humans, not quite so quick to die. After all this time, all this work, did they really think it would be that easy to exterminate us? Yes, apparently they did. Laughable.

     Rock, clay, stone, they are the fruits of the earth – our very namesake. It would have taken only one good Terra to stop the avalanche, I could have done it unaided, even wounded. My Darlin’ is good but she is naïve to think us so weak, all the humans will pay for her mistake. While they think they have won the battle, we prepare for the war. 

     “Sir,” a young, dust covered Ignis calls. Em I think her name is, “Sir, they left one of their own. He’s alive… Just.” She motions to a heap on the floor. The body is deathly still except the slight pumping of his chest.

      “Now look what you’ve done Ty. Gone and got yourself hurt and abandoned aint ya?” I turn his head so that his ghostly pale face stares directly at me, “Now I thought I taught you better than that.”

     “Would you like the body cremated sir?” Em asks, strange words for a little girl - she’s no older than Rowan. I shake my head, must’ve spent too much time with the humans. 

     “No, they can have this one – he’s no threat anyway.”    

     “Yes sir,” she nods and begins walking away.

     “Wait,” I order. “Let’s send ‘em a message aye?” I muss, pulling down the neck of his shirt to reveal the black and blue mess of his chest. Tugging the girl’s hand, I place it on the skin above his heart.  

     “Brand him,” I command and she obeys – unquestioningly searing her handprint into his chest.

     “Hand on heart,” I whisper in his ear, “The Hunter’s will get theirs. I promise you that Tyler.”

     As a Terra hurriedly slips past I stop him, “Get him out of here then bring down the tunnel. Don’t need a shrine of my failure preserved in the basement do I?” He nods purposefully and immediately sets to it.  

    As we walk away he stirs, the wonderful sound of whimpering ushers me out of the room. Yes, let him go to her and together they will perish at my hands. The Hunters will fail. The superior race will dominate. It is prophesised, fated. What the Hunters are yet to discover is that this is not the end.

     It is just the beginning.     

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