Chapter 1 | Great, another war to fight

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"Yow dude! Wake up man! It's like 10 in the morning! Get up!"someone shouted.

I groaned, "Oh shut up"I said my eyes still closed.

"Dude we have training! Don't you miss camp or Annabeth or the seven, your dad, mom and stepdad?"he said. I opened my eyes to only be greeted with his stupid face.

"Fine, fine"i forced to bring myself up to sit, "Just 2 more days i'll be going back."i muttered. Then I glared at him. And he just smiled.

"Aether, you are so going to pay for waking me up"I said. Still glaring at him.

He just rolled his eyes, in a very girly manner, "Yeah, yeah whatever. Come on!"I just sighed and stood up. He ran towards the door.

"C'mon!"he shouted at me.

I looked at him in a "what-the-hell" look on my face, "You're saying i'm gonna train looking like this?"I said. Gesturing myself. I'm only wearing pj's.

Then it dawned to him. He smiled, embarrased. "Oh yeah sorry"he said rubbing the back of his neck.

I just rolled my eyes, not the way he did a while ago it was more manly, and went to the restroom to take a bath.

You might be wondering why I'm here with Aether. The Primordial of Air. We became friends. Yes, i'm with him in his stupid palace in the skies. Far from Camp Half-Blood. We've been here for almost a month. We're practically here for my training, he trains me every day. Ask why? There's going to be another war. Yes another war, my third war. Apollo sprouted a prophecy with only me, Athena, Aether and Hades. Don't ask why. We had become great friends after the 2nd Giant War. We were in here too. Just in another place, his palace moves if you don't know. Anyway it goes like this:

A deity will rise with the pit.

And will try to make everything else fit

A halfblood will be betrayed,

Thus their rise delayed

The broken hero will come back one day,

And the safety of Olympus, in his hands lay.

Yep just fantastic.

Athena, of course, tried to decipher it. She said someone she don't know, which freaked us out because Athena claims to know everything, will rise with Tartarus. A halfblood will be betrayed just as it said and somehow will stop their rise, just like what Hazel did. But came the last 2. The prophecy said that that halfblood which was betrayed to save Olympus.

But the million dollar question is who?

She said she will be working on that. I'm gonna admit I was pretty scared, Apollo looked cool and all but you can see from his eyes that he was scared too, Hades of course just kept his face blank, if he was scared well he did a good job hiding it. Aether looked like he had an idea. And yes he did have an idea. He suggested to have me train with him. The four of them agreed.


Aether suddenly looked at me, then at the 3 other gods, "Percy can train with me!"

I stared at him, "What?"

Athena looked like she was considering it. "Why not?"

Apollo said, "Why?"

Hades slapped the back of his head, "Because there is a new war coming"he said.

Apollo nodded, "But why not in camp"heasked again

Our eyebrows knotted, "He didn't say it was not at camp"I said.

"I thinking that, then I guess he's the God of Prophecy he has forseened it."Aether said.

"You all sound serious, will you please stop that?"I said, suddenly frustrated. "And i'm not going anywhere away from camp or Annabeth!"

I started to walk away, but a hand touched my arm, stopping me.

"Percy............" Athena started, grabbing my shoulders and looking at my eyes intently, "You the other, Nico and Reyna are important in both camps, the 9 of you are important to Olympus"that statement shocked me"But only you heard the Prophecy, and we're not planning on telling this on the council nor at the camps, this is between the 4 of us."My eyebrows met."You being one of the seven who heard will have to be ready with it, because you know what will happen. Do you get it? If you train at camp with Aether, you will be questioned on why you train with him"She said still looking at me.

"Why not just tell them? And I don't need Aether with training"i said still protesting. Athena turned away her hand in herhead muttering, "Why are you so much like your father?" or "Kelp head"

"Percy!"Hades shouted honestly I was shocked, "Just listen to us for once!"He shouted, "We can't say it to anyone, not until we are sure who the other deity is, it will create chaos and panic."

I gave a cold face, "The gods aren't even allowed to intervene"I looked at all of them, their eyes showed that they were guilty. I knew they couldn't intervene because of the Ancient Laws, they couldn't directly help. I don't know if training me counts in it, propably not because Athena approves. I suddenly felt guilty looking at them and soften my expression a bit, "I can't leave Annabeth again, not after...."I stopped. Not wanting to rememeber Tartarus.

Athena looked at me again, tears in her eyes, she afterall wasthe reason Annabeth was at that place, she blamed herself for us falling in there "I know what we're asking is hard, I know that this is going to be horrible for the both of you, but it is my responsibility to do what is wise and this is wise Percy. In the end this is the best thing you can do to help. One month Percy, just one month"

I thought about it and looked at Apollo and Aether, these two are always the noisiest guys i've ever met, except Leo of course. But right now they were quiet and in deep thought. I sighed. I made my descision.

"Fine, one month"i said quietly. They all smiled at me. Before they could say anything I spoke again."What will you tell her? Them?"i asked Athena. She looked in thought for a minute and said, "You went to go somewhere for me that's what I will say to Annabeth for the Council well you went to get my blessing for marriage!"My eyes widened in shock"What?" She smiled, "Which I will give to you when you come back"i just stared at her. Not comprehending what she just said.

And finally, "What?"she smiled

They all laughed at me.

Flaskback End

Some Friendship huh?

You see a few months after the 2nd Giant War, Aether came and me with the others became friends with him, it just happened that he's great friends with Apollo and Athena. While I on the other hand has been talking to Hades with Nico sometimes. Yeah I know weird but Hades just rants about his brother's being unfair to him. Then while Nico was at Camp Jupiter and I was with Hades, the 3 of them showed up in the Underworld just for fun (they just dragged Athena into it) we bonded sometimes after taht in diffrent places.

Then that happened.

I sighed. "Great another war to fight."

2 more days Percy and you'll be going back.

I finished dressing up so I took my things and went to towards the door and opened it.

And with one final sigh, I stepped outside, only to be thrown with knives that landed on the walls. I glared at Aether who had a smirk on his face.

I smirked too and ran towards him.

The training already started.

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