BEFORE we even start this story let's get something straight. This book is being EDITED. That means there is A LOT of bad grammar and spelling mistakes. If you hate seeing misspelled words then please don't read my book. I was 14 when I made this book. I was a beginner writer and there were a lot of things I didn't quite understand, but added it in my book anyway because I read it in another book. Do not write comments of you guys error correcting my story. DO NOT comment telling me my story needs to be edited because I KNOW. It says in black and white that I'm in the process of doing that. Don't tell me my story Is bad because of the errors. If that's the case then don't read my story. IF you guys still do the above mentioned, then you WILL be blocked from my account and from reading any future stories from me and also your comment will be removed. If you can stomach the mistakes and see the story for the beauty it is then read on and know that you are greatly appreciated! Thank you.

August 13 2017

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