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Final Chapter!

Dedicating to everyone else whom has supported this book and the series!

On to the story...

Amber's POV

A Few Months Later...

"Cristianinho, come back over here. I can't see you all the way over there," I told him.

"Okay," he yelled.

I smiled at him, because he was such a sweetheart. I loved him to death just as if he was my own. I made sure I took time for him to make sure he was secure in knowing that he wasn't going to be replaced or ignored since the twins were here. Even though, I was going through what I was going through, I took time out for him. That's all children ever need is someone who would just take time out for them.

I watched him come closer to me, I wanted him near me because people were crazy and I would be devastated if something happened to him. After Cristianinho was next to me, I went back to feeding Luciano, the oldest of our twins, in my arms. Danielle was feeding Leilani. Everyday I get to be with my children, I falling in love with them more and more each day. I thank God that they were born healthy even though they had a lot of drama around their birth, they were a bundle of joy.

The only thing that I liked about being hurt was not only being pampered but I had the joy watching Cristiano and Cristianinho running around trying to figure out how to take care of the twins. Cristianinho had grown attached to Luciano and Leilani. I could tell he was going to be a great big brother to them.

It has been a couple of months since the accident and I had been making a lot of progress. Everything had come back to me and after doing rehab, the doctors gave me a clean bill of health and I was beginning to feel like myself again. I still had some trouble at times but I am going to get through it.

Having Cristiano beside me has been a huge help, without him I doubt I would be able to get through this. He was my rock. Thinking about all that we had gone through in such a short amount of time was crazy to me but I am glad it happened, especially with him.

This experience taught me that when you realize that you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with him or her you have to just with it. You can't be afraid of what is going to happen because living life scared of what could happen wont do nothing but keep you stagnant, and a life with not progress, no moving forward is no life at all. Cristiano and I made sure we enjoyed each moment that we had together.

Today was our one-year anniversary and I was spending a portion of the day watching Cristiano's match against some Croatia team. At first I was sad that he had a game but I took it as an opportunity to get the family out and make some memories together. And when I say family I mean not just Danielle, the kids and me. I mean Cristiano's mom, sisters, brother, and other family members and friends. We had gotten our own section near the field.

We, along with everyone in the arena was so exciting to be able to watch Cristiano play, looking at the intensity in his face I could tell that this game meant a lot to him. He was so focused on the game, so aggressive that it was making me feel some type of way.

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