How the hell had I managed this? I looked on either side of me and both boys were fast asleep. They looked pretty cute though. 

Milo's dark brown hair (mistaken for black) was falling down on his face - and a tuft of it was moving up and down from his breathing.

On my right side was Wyatt who had his tanned arm around my shoulders and his head a little too close to my face so that I was able to feel his breath on my cheek. 

As I tried to get to sleep, my mind wandered off to how to all happened...

My head was starting to feel dizzy from all the wine I had drunk. My body was swaying to the music's beat and I could feel warm hands on my waist. I didn't know who's they were. But then again, I didn't really care. His hands started moving their way up and down my body, and then locked it's grip around my waist. 'Let's go somewhere else,' the husky voice whispered into my ear. 

It made me shiver, not from pleasure, but from terror. i tried to push the arms off me but they wouldn't budge - they were too strong. He didn't let me answer, he just started walking me towards another room away from all the dancers. i tried to look around for any of my friends, to just catch their eye so they could help me. Charlie, my best girl friend was dancing with some bloke, but just happened to see me struggling with whoever had me trapped. She looked at me confused and then i was taken out of sight. 

The guy turned my round and pushed me onto a sofa. I looked around to see no one in the room, even though it was a games room. 

i turned my head back to the man in front of me. He was from my psychology class. 


'Yeah. I like you Abriella.' 

'Uh, thanks i guess. that's kind...' 

'No. I really like you. Like, really rea-' 

He crushed his lips to mine, cupping his hands around my cheeks. Without asking he shoved his tongue into my mouth, swirling it around and trying to get a reaction out of mine. 

One hand moved to my hair, roughly pulling it. and the other moved to my waist, pulling me closer. 

i had had enough of this. i pushed at his chest with all my strength - he was too strong and he held me closer. 

i tried using my legs, kicking him, using them to push him away from me. i'm sure i heard a door open and the next thing i knew Jayden was being pulled away from me and Wyatt and punched him right in the nose.




x x x x x

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