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"HYDRA doesn't like leaks." Sitwell says as he sits awkwardly between Nat and I in the backseat, which we barely fit in.
"So why don't you try sticking a cork in it." Sam retorts.

Nat hands me her device. "Insight's launching in sixteen hours, we're cutting it a little bit close here."

I nod over at Sitwell. "We'll use him to bypass the DNA scans and access the Helicarriers directly. Then we'll kill him." At that last part everyone stares at me.

"What? He's always giving me an attitude."

"What?! Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea." Sitwell yells.

"To use you or kill you ?" I ask him.

"Both !" He yells.

Suddenly something lands on the car roof and a metal arm appears not even an inch away from my face. "Holy shit !" I yell and they pull Sitwell out through the window and throw him into the oncoming traffic, killing him.

"Winter soldier" I whisper when I see his reflection on the car next to us.

I hear him pull out a gun and he then starts shooting at us and I reach over to the front just as Nat jumps on Steve's lap and I pull the brake handle making the Winter Soldier fall down and slide onto the street.

As we stare at him, Nat and I pull out our guns ready to shoot at him but another car smashes into the ours and pushes us along, crushing the entire backseat which leaves me with no option but to jump onto Sam's lap.

The Winter Soldier jumps back onto our car, smashes through the windscreen and pulls out the steering wheel just a few inches from my face, again so close with the face.

"Shit!" Sam gasps. Now we're helpless in this car, not to mention it's his new car. What good is a car with no steering wheel?

Steve looks at me and yells. "Hang on!" I push Sam towards Steve and just as Steve breaks open the door, The Winter Soldier grips my neck and yanks me towards him. He pulls us away from the car before it crashes down on us and I instinctively hold onto him even though he's choking me with his metal arm.

As Steve holds onto Natasha and Sam, he calls out to me as they slide on the car door through the street while the winter soldier and I roll down the street.

And not once does he let go of me.

Once we stop, he ends up on top of me and I struggle pry-off his metal arm from my neck. "If you wanted another date, all you had to do was ask." I choke out as I try to get some air.

Nat starts shooting at him and I take my chance to flip us over. He pulls out a gun to shoot me and I hold up my arm when I see Steve throwing me his shield and I catch it just in time as the winter soldier starts shooting at me.

After Nat finds more bullets for her gun, she starts shooting again, making the winter soldier turn around ready to throw a bomb at them so I throw Steve his shield and he pushes Nat out of the way before he deflects the bomb which throws him over the bridge crashing somewhere in the the streets below us. That's gotta hurt.

While that was happening, I ran over to Nat and pulled her away just as the Winter Soldier is joined by HYDRA agents and they begin shooting at us.

The three of us scatter and run off in different directions with the Winter Soldier shooting at Nat and I . Just as another bomb is thrown, I grab Nat and we jump off just as the car behind us explodes.

"Oh god, my knees." I gasp at the slight pain radiating through my legs once I land on the hard pavement. I need to stop doing these landings, it doesn't hurt when it's just me but it hurts if I'm carrying someone.

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