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I grabbed my keys and walked out, I had a strong feeling that my life is about to change dramatically.

I walked through jays door and there were a lot of people here. This was not just a small house party. I grabbed a drink  and began searching for him, for my first love, the boy who stole my heart and the boy I trusted the most!

He was nowhere to be seen I searched the living room, kitchen and the study. The only thing left were the bedrooms but surely he wouldn't be in there. I searched 3 out of 4 of the bedrooms and he wasn't in any of those three so I checked the last one.

I slowly turned the knob and opened the door and what I saw disgusted me there he was kissing he's so called cousin. all I remember after that was him screaming my name as I ran out, I ran as fast as could as he chased me down the street but he finally caught up to me and stopped me, I tried to push him off of me.

"I'm sorry!"

"I-I thought she was your cousin, I trusted you Alex!"

"I love her Tahlia, I didn't mean for all this to happen, I didn't plan all of this!

"How many times have you lied to me, for goodness sake was this just a big joke to you!" That was when I broke down in to tears, it started with one tear but then many more followed just after that, he just stared at me wide eyed in shock there was not even a little glint of guilt in he's eyes

"Answer me Alex, was this all just a joke to you am I just your charity case why did you do this to me, I loved you!"

"Ask your so called friends, this was all there idea!"

"What was there idea?"

"Don't you see I don't love you! It was a dare, it was only going to go for a few weeks but you got attached to me."

"Wha-what how could you how could they. I trusted you all! I loved you so much Alex your really just an ass!"

"It's not even that big of deal, who really cares, no one!"

That was when I lost all control I slapped him right across hes left side cheek I forgot I had a ring on and it scratched the side of he's face. I ran I didn't know where I was going I had nobody anymore everyone I trusted left what did I do to deserve this all?

I stopped in the middle of the road and screamed, I screamed as loud as I could, I don't know what happiness is  anymore I was a mess my life was a mess, I'll never be loved no one will ever care. I should've believed that when I got told when I was younger. I'm worthless, I'm a waste of time, I sat down and cried in the middle of the road.

I felt someone grab me and put me into there car but I had no strength to care anymore, I want this bad nightmare to be over! I'm done with everything I'm done with everyone.

I woke up with a headache and a teared stained face in a room that didn't belong to me, a young Man walked into the room with a cup of coffee in hes hand.

"I'm nick."
I finished telling the story to my kids.
"You need to kiss a few frogs before you find a prince, some people you are just not destined to be with and that's okay.

Sorry it took me so long to update I was on holidays but anyway this was the last chapter of "meant to be" thank you all so much for reading it, this was my first ever wattpad book but don't worry I will be writing a new one next week. What do you all think about Harry styles one shots? Once again thank you so much

Tahlia xo

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