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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter One~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Chapter one

It was the middle of the night when I was rudely awakened to the noise of chaos out side my door. My brothers Delone and Delance charged into my room from a joining doors.

“We’re under attack.”

“We have to get…”

Before the sentence was finished my door was broke down and in charged five dragon warriors in human form wielding swords. I grabbed my sword and charged forward one intruder. Fighting for all I was worth. Swords clanging all around me. Roars of anger, of attack, filling the room.

I was able to get the upper hand on my attacker and sheered his head from is shoulders. Blood spraying my face and gown. I charged another attacker that had ganged up on Delone, piercing him through the ribs. He fell to the floor, but was still alive. I place my foot on him and pried my sword from his chest. I then severed his head as well.

I then zeroed in on the one attacker that had my brother Delance in a head lock. Delance was turning red in the face. He was losing oxygen. I snuck up behind him and plunged my sword into the side of him. He released my brother at once. Grabbing his side with one hand and sword in the other, he attacked me full force. It wasn’t hard for me to step out of reach and sever his head as well.

It was no time before Delone and Delance overtook the other two attackers.

“We need to leave, now.”

“Delane, go grab some cloths and lets get going.”

As my brothers ran to their rooms, I grabbed up a bag and started to through cloths in them, I then put on my boots and grabbed my sheath and my daggers. I ran into Delone’s room where there was a secret passage behind his wall. We got inside the passage before the rest of the attackers made it to us. The whole castle was under invasion.

We made our way down to the dungeons where it was quiet. Delone pulled a grate loose and Delance and I followed him inside a dark, dank tunnel. It was a good thing we had dragon sight, for it was so dark down here the average human wouldn’t be able to see if a hand was in front of their face.

We ran as fast as we could through the winding tunnels, this place was a labyrinth. We ran a good fifteen minutes before me emerged from the tunnels on a cliffs edge. My brothers and I tied out bags around our waist and then dove off the cliffs edge where we turned into our dragon forms.

We prayed that there were no dragons from the attacking clan near the cliffs, and so far there wasn’t. We really hated leaving behind our family and friends, put our father told my brothers that if we ever came under attack, the first rule of action was to get me to safe ground. Our father only gave one name, McKiernan. So that’s where we are headed. Father told us that the McKiernan clan live to the north a little over a thousand miles away.

We flew low, towards the water and close to the cliffs. The closer we got to the north, the colder it got. I started noticing ice formations in the water. We must be getting close. We’ve been flying for nearly three hour now, it was time to make for land.

I followed when Delone landed by a patch of trees. He then shifted and through his cloak around his naked self.

“Go shift and dress warm, we travel on foot from here.”

I walked over to a crop of trees, ducking low and slinking behind some bushed, where I shifted and got dressed. I tied my daggers to my legs and strapped my sword to my back after I had put on my cloak. I then met my brothers.

“We have to travel a few hundred miles inland by foot. We can’t take the risk of being seen if we fly. We’ll head west to the nearest village where we will acquire horses to finish our journey. Now lets move out.”

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