Twenty - Oh fuckety

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Twenty - Oh fuckety

Aria's POV 

I skip down the stairs, humming to a One Direction song. I walk into the kitchen and go straight past M, to the fridge.

M chuckles, "Hello wifey." he greets even though I saw him a few minutes ago. I pull out a crème brûlée, shoving a spoon into it, cracking the layer of sugar on top.

I put it into my mouth and moan and M just chuckles as he watches me. "You know, the offer of you marrying me is still out there. Just saying." I state, shoving more of the dessert into my mouth.

It's my rule.

If a guy can cook, marry him.

"Yeah, okay, I'll keep that in mind darling." he says and chuckles, going back to rolling dough.

After the boys gave me their beautiful performance, all of them left the house except M. Even Grayson left which is surprising because apparently Grayson isn't properly part of the gang because he is too young and has to wait 'till he is twenty and only then will he be a part of the gang.

"So," M dusts his hands on his chef's pants and smiles at me, his dimples showing, "You want to watch a movie? The rest of the guys will only be back tomorrow. I mean, Grayson was ranting about how you said you'll watch that shades of grey bullocks with him but I mean do you want to watch a decent movie where there is no whips and chains." he asks and I nod, grinning.

I haven't watched a good movie in a while.

Vincent told me he was going out and that he knows it's my birthday and all but he will make it up to me tomorrow. I don't mind, I think getting these guys to sing to me was the best present but I will see what Vincent does.

"Okay, I am going to put on cozier clothing, if you want to wear my clothing you are welcome to." M offers.

"Can I, really?" I grin. M nods, "Yeah, come, follow me." M says and I do as told.

I am not complaining, I have gotten to shower every day which normally doesn't happen when someone kidnaps you and Cody's sister's clothes are awesome and comfortable but nothing beats guys clothes.

M turns and walks into a room that is identical to the one I am staying in but his room smells more like a guy and there are things of his lying around like there are books of his on a shelf and his bed cover is a deep blue colour while mine is white.

"Excuse the complete horlicks." M says and I frown.

"What?" I ask.

He chuckles, "The mess." he states and I look around. The only mess is a shirt the is lying on the back of his chair. I just laugh and shake my head.

M pulls out a grey tracksuit pants and a plain white top and hands it to me, "You can change in my bathroom." he says, pointing to a door in the corner of the room.

I walk in and quickly change and walk out as soon as I am done. The sweatpants are so nice and soft but I had to tighten the strings to make sure it didn't fall off me and the shirt is a bit big but it is still comfortable. "Oh fuckety." M says, turning around as I walk out, he is still shirtless.

"Oh no. I haven't changed. Oh no. If Vincent finds out you've seen me half naked he will castrate me." M starts panicking and I just burst out laughing.

M stops and stares at me, "Excuse me, why are you laughing, this is a serious matter." M says.

"Fuckety." I repeat M's words and he just chuckles. I calm down and take the chance to actually check out his body.

"Can you just take me now?" I say, my mouth hanging open as I stare at his amazing body. He chuckles and slips on a shirt.

He is wearing a maroon coloured tracksuit pants and a black shirt that hugs his body.

I haven't seen him in anything except a chef's suit and can I just say holy cracker noodles he is as fine as sugar.

"So, what do you want to watch?"


"Are you serious?" I ask M, laughing as he slides the disk into the DVD player. He switches off the lights, leaving us in the dark.

"Yeah." he states and plops down next to me on the sofa, pulling me closer to him so we can share the blanket.

"Is this a joke?" I ask, still not believing it.

"Nope, we are watching Swan Lake." he states and grins.

"I'm dreaming." I state, pinching my arm. M laughs in a British accent and I just stare up at him with a huge grin. He is actually watching a princess movie with me and out of everything it is Swan Lake.

[A/N: Okay, so I don't normally do these random pop up author's notes in the middle of the chapter but I had to say this now. Yes, I did say he laughed in a British accent. What are you going to do about it? I wanted him to laugh in a British accent and even if that is not a thing, it is now. You nerds can't judge me because I can literally do anything to my characters because it's my book. Watch...]

M stands up and pulls down his maroon sweatpants along with his underwear. Wait, what just happened?

I am about to ask him what he is doing when suddenly sparkles start shooting out of his butt.

I stare in awe at the colourful particles that are shooting everywhere.

I burst out laughing, "What are you laughing at?" M asks from beside me. I turn to look at him with a frown. Oh, so that didn't happen? Thank God.

I chuckle and lean against M's shoulder, he wraps his arm around me and I instantly feel warmer.

Well... That was... Strange.


HEEEEEEHHHH. Yas, I can freaking make my characters fart glitter if I want.

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