Chapter 27: surgery, Bieber bears and epic falls on stage

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March 12, 2016
Jaylie's POV;
That's what I wanted.
I was starving.
But I couldn't eat.
Not this morning.
Today I was going into surgery again.
The other day, I was at hockey practice, and I was pushed into the wall on accident and my hand went smack dab into the wall crushing it.
We went to the doctor to get it checked out.
They said I might have broke my finger and smashed my hand. They put it in a splint, but then they found out I would have to get surgery because there were some bones that came out of place.
We needed to put them back into place.
I'm in my room waiting for daddy to get ready to go to the hospital.
I'm not nervous.
I've had over 20 surgeries last year. But that was when I had cancer.
I'm ready but daddy's hair has to be absolutely "perfect".
Dad finally came out of the bathroom and got his phone and keys.
We headed out the door and got in the car. On the way, I got on my phone and played panda pop.
Soon we arrived at the hospital. Daddy checked is in and got the bracelets on.
I know the drill.
We got into a room and Dr. Jones came in and let me know it was time to go in.
I said my goodbyes to daddy.
Soon (Not Justin's definition of soon) I was asleep.
I dreamed of being a unicorn that could fly and dance on rainbows. Then there was a frog and he eats pizza. They went on a magical adventure to Neverland.
I awoke from my dream and saw daddy. My hand hurt a lot. It had a little cast on it. It wasn't really a cast, just one of those finger splints and a stick to hold my hand in place. It was wrapped up in purple gauze with a turtle sticker to hold it in place.
In the other hand, I had an IV.
Daddy looked at me
"Hey baby. How's your hand?" He said.
"I want crackers" I said pointing to the box of saltine crackers on the bedside table.
Just then, Dr. Jones walked in.  He hooked up my IV with something else that made me less hungry. He put the crackers away.
He explained that I couldn't eat quite yet. My body was still processing and eating would only make it worse.
I nodded and grabbed my phone with my free hand and took some after surgery selfies. I posted them on Instagram.
Dr. Jones left the room after taking my blood pressure.

1 hour later.
Justin's POV:
Jaylie was sleeping and I was going to get the release papers so that we can get out of here.
I went to the front desk and got a big stack of papers.
I filled them out. Just when I was done, Jaylie woke up.
" Hey Beautiful. Good News. I just signed the release papers. We can go home."
"Yayzers" says Jaylie obviously excited to go.
I smiled. "So what do you want to do on our way home? I asked.
She put on her best thinking face and finally said
I nodded.
We gathered up Jaylie's things and got in the car. We we starving. So to fix that, we went to Burger King.
After that, we went down to build a bear.
Jaylie chose a brown fuzzy bear. Then we stuffed it.
Jaylie chose some clothes for him. We made a birth certificate for him. Jaylie named him Juju.

He is super cute and adorable

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He is super cute and adorable.
After that we went home and slept for like an hour or two. Then we woke up and watched movies. I made popcorn and got out some candy.
Then it was about 4:30.
I needed to go soon.
Jaylie was asleep so I packed her bag with things to entertain her for the show.
I picked her up as well as Juju and Tay.

Jaylie's POV:
I heard music.
I saw that I was on the couch laying on Allison's lap.
I carefully got out of Allison's arms and followed the music.
I found daddy on the stage walking trying to fix his shirt and his microphone was in the way. Then i saw that there was a trap door still open from when he did his drum solo.
"Daddy!!!!" I screamed at him. He didn't hear over the big crowd of Beliebers. Daddy fell right in. It looked like it hurt.
"Good thing I'm like a cat and I landed on my feet." He said. "That scared the ____ out of me.
He got out and I ran on the stage and made sure he was alright.
He was okay.
I ran off the stage and went to watch the rest of the show.

Justin's POV:
It was almost 11:00 when the show ended.
I changed my clothes and saw Jaylie passed out on the couch.
I picked her up and took her to the bus.
My arm hurt a little because of the fall,but I'm okay.
I put Jaylie on my bed with Juju and I sat next to her and got out her computer and checked her grades.
Math.  A
Spelling.   D+
Reading.     C-
Science     C+
Social studies   A-
French    B-

I was a little worried about Spelling, reading and science but that's not her fault.
I was getting a little hungry so I went to the front of the bus and told Mikey to stop at McDonalds on the way home.
On my way back to my room, I kiss Jazzy on the head and I saw that Jaxon was still awake. He was on his bed, only in his underwear. He was crying.
"What's wrong bud?"
I asked as I walked into his room.
He looked at me. Crying Hysterically.
Like sobbing.
"What's wrong Jax?"
I ask again.
"I-i miss you. I just want to be a normal person who doesn't have to travel all the time. Being the little brother of the biggest pop star in the world is super hard.
I go to school and people just stare at me and say I'm a rich little brat who has the worst brother ever. I don't like it when they say that. I love you so much and it makes me so sad that people would say that"

I look at him. "Who's saying that?"I finally say.

"Ian and Tommy and Jack and Frank" he says.

"Do I need to kick some butt?"

Jaxon laughs a little.

He nods.

"Okay. I'll take you to school  tomorrow and you show me who they are. I'll turn them in to the principal." I say getting up from his bed walking to the door.

Jaxon nods and smiles at me. I walk out the door after saying good night.

We arrive at McDonalds and I order a Big Mac and French Fries.
I also order breakfast for Jaylie in the morning.

I eat up and decide I should go to sleep.
I plug in my phone and Jaylie's phone and snuggle up next to Jaylie.
I was so sleepy, that I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Okay so I'm thinking about ending this book at chapter 30-35 and making a sequel.
How's that sound?

I'm going to swimming lessons.

GN guys


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