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Everybody's dancing in the middle of the room, as Finn and I drink from our glasses, full of champagne. I bite my lips looking at the dance floor and turn to look at Finn, who is staring at me. I frown.

"Is there something wrong?" I ask chuckling a little bit, feeling nervous. I get nervous when people stare at me. He shakes his head letting out a soft laugh.

"No, not at all" He answers with a smile. Then he looks at his glass and turns to look at me "Would you dance with me?" Finn asks narrowing his eyes. I look at the dance floor and nod with a smile.

"I'd love to" I say looking at him with a grin. He nods nervously and stands up. I stand up and he takes my hand, holding it as we walk to the center of the room, where everyone else is. He puts his arms around my waist as I lay mine over his shoulder.

"Don't you think this party is a bore?" He asks in a whisper, getting closer to her so he can whisper in her ear. She laughs.

"You know, this marriage is not going to last" She comments murmuring as she looks around making sure no one is hearing. Finn frowns at her.

"What are you? Psychic?" He asks jokingly. She shakes her head and looks at him.

"Sam told me something, before the wedding" I inform Finn with a smile "He told me he still loves me, which took me by surprise. He used Mercedes to make me jealous, can you believe it?" Finn looks at me shocked.

"What? And he married her anyway?" He asks narrowing his eyes "He's a coward and he's stupid for just letting you go"

"He kissed me too" I murmur looking at Finn, wanting to know how he reacts.

"Oh, wow" He lets out in shock. I look at him narrowing my eyes "He did, uh?" I nod with a small smile, noticing his jealousy.

"But I didn't kiss him back, of course. He didn't move on, but I did" She says quickly looking into Finn's eyes. Finn looks at her making her turn around to the rhythm.

"There's just one way to find out: are you happy your relationship with him ended?" He asks pulling me closer to him again. I smile and look down.

"Of course. I wouldn't have met you if I was still with him" I say smirking at him. Finn scoffs and looks around him "And I wouldn't be able to do this right now" I whisper as I move my hands to hold the back of Finn's neck. I lean closer to place a kiss on his lips gently. The kiss takes him by surprise but he doesn't doubt to kiss me back. He pulls me closer to him and I take his hand, getting us out of the dance floor when the song finishes. Finn looks at me with his half smile and chuckles.

"What was that about?" He asks narrowing his eyes confused.

"I-I guess I noticed I like you, a lot, to be honest" I admit smiling at the man, who nods slowly at me with a small smile "I just really wanted to kiss you" Finn takes my hand again and takes her out of the building. I laugh at the confusion of the moment, frowning "What are you doing?" I ask as Finn runs happily taking my hand. We get out the building and find ourselves in the streets of New York, walking with our elegant outfits. He calls a taxi and opens the door so that I can get in "Finn, what are you up to?" He insist and I get in the car.

"Where to, lovebirds?" The taxidriver asks.

"Central Park, please"

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