Chapter 37: A Kingdom Of Hidden Secrets

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"Are you sure?" She asked waiting for a response.

"Yes all of it," Eredhelil answered surely, her face in the mirror before them shining brightly. Deigil had never seen such a happy person, only once before did Eredhelil have that smile on her face.

"Okay, but-"

"Deigil, don't worry it's alright. I'll have over a hundred years to grow it back if I wish." She was right about that.

"Alright," she agreed reluctantly and grabbed the scissors that were nicely placed on the bed next to them. They were light in her hands as she gently gathered a handful of wavy white hair and snipped away at it. Every strand of hair held a story and they were now being set free, ready to be replaced with new stories. Eredhelil's hair was wavy once it got long, but short, it was straighter than a stick. She cut the last strand of white hair, searching for uneven ends. Once the hair looked even and nice, she tapped her princesses shoulder. Eredhelil's eyes shot open and widened at what she saw. She asked her to cut off a lot, so she cut her hair to mid-neck, not even shoulder length. It wasn't shoulder length, but not a boys hair cut either, it was in the middle of her neck. "Did I cut it too short?" Eredhelil placed her warm silver hand on her own and smiled at her through the mirror.

"No, it's perfect. A new hair cut, for a new start," Eredhelil said, her eyes beaming with joy. The room was cold, but the warmth between the two of them was all the heat she needed to be happy. The domed ceiling and large chandelier that hung from it were freshly cleaned, she'd never seen the Ostwyn royal family's extra house, but it was absolutely gorgeous. And now that she was to be part of the family, she kind of needed to know about these things. The bed was large, its light blue sheets spread over it's surface. There was a large balcony to the right of it, the view so great it made her wish that the palace wasn't being re-built. There was quite a bit of damage to it, the whole throne room was demolished along with any of the nearby rooms. The library was safe though, and all the books and documents would be transferred to the new library they were building. It was hell of expensive though, and since a lot of the money came from donations of villages, they would pay every cent back. "Deigil, I think we should walk through the villages. They should get a chance to see us as one of them, and not a higher up for once."

"Now you're finally thinking like a queen," she answered and gently kissed the top Eredhelil's head, her body finally calm. Her finance stood up and Deigil quickly linked arms with her, as they would do when they were younger. "Now my dear where should we go! I'm thinking a sweets shop! Ooo! Or we could go to a costume shop! I always loved to dress up!" Eredhelil laughed, her face shining with happiness. It made her glad, so glad to see the smile that appeared on the woman's face.

"Of course you would want to go to those places. I think we could definitely stop by, but we should try not to make a commotion-"

"Ha! Like that'll happen, Ered we are the soon to be queens. And honestly I think they will all want to meet the lady who killed the tyrannous queen." Eredhelil sighed and started to walk, her heels clicking against the ground. They walked into an open spherical room, it was the main entrance way. The ground was made of white stone and through the multiple openings int he walls hung long thick blue curtains. The royal colors of Ostywn, white and dark blue, she'd always loved them. They were so much more gorgeous than just plain black, which was the royal color of Shadowmount. Plus, they looked really good on Eredhelil, they complimented her hair and skin perfectly.

"I bet all the villages have already heard word of the queens death, what will we do when we do finish the renovations? I want to change the poverty that is spread throughout this kingdom, but how can we do that when it is already so incredibly bad?" Eredhelil asked deep in thought, her eyes glancing down at the ring she gave her.

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