Chapter 10

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"She is not happy to see you" Clara said once we got in the car. Weston was in the driver's seat with Clara beside him and I am on the back seat.

"She is my best friend, she is happy to see me" I replied. "She was your best friend, Selene " Clara tried again.

"You don't have best friend. So you will never know" I said. I know its harsh but my dislike to her is growing more and more everyday.

Clara was about to say something back but Weston held her arm. "Just shut it, Clara" Weston said. Clara huffed but didn't say anything. I breath sigh in relief. It was miracle for me to stay in the same car with Clara. She dislike me and I am sure of it.

When we arrived in my old house, I can't help but cry a little. Its been two years since I last saw this house. This house held so many memories. I missed my parents and Shiloh. I remembered anything that's happened in my twenty years life in this house.

"Here" Weston gave me tissues. I smiled and took it to wiped my tears.

"Nice house" I heard Clara commented. Her comments seems sincerely not sarcastically. But I remind myself that no matter what she say it won't change my mind about her. I respect her because my best friend Travis is fool enough to fall in love with her.

When I was about to open the door, someone opened it from inside. Ben. He looks older...

"Selene ?" He asked in confusion. I hugged him immediately. "Ben. Oh my god. How are you ? Are you okay ?" I asked happily. We pulled away and he smiled.

"Its nice to have you back... I thought I won't see you again... Hmm I am living here now" he said. I was surprised. "You live here ?" I asked. He nodded. "I don't have anywhere else to live... Let's go inside" he said that's when he noticed Weston and Clara behind me. He was tensed.

"Its okay.. They are my friends. Weston and Clara" I replied to answer the questions in his eyes. He nodded and let us in.

We sat down in my old living room. Surprisingly Ben didn't change anything in the house. "You didn't change anything ?" I can't help but ask him question.

"No, Selene. You guys are like my family so I don't want to change anything about this house" he said truthfully.

"What's your relationship with Selene ?" I heard Clara asked. Ben smiled. "She is like my sister... I was friends with her brother ,Shiloh" Ben replied.

"How is your parents ?" I asked.

He shrugged. "They got divorced long time ago and left the town... I want to stay here though" he said. "I am sorry I didn't know" I said. He smiled.

"My father having affairs with several women and my mom can't take it anymore so she left... Both wanted to take me with them but I refused and choosed to live here... I hope you don't mind" Ben explained.

To say I was surprised is understandment. Mr and Mrs Murphy seems like nice couple. I didn't know about them so much though. "Its okay. I am happy someone live here" I said.

"Do you want to live here now ?" He asked.

"Hmmm I can't ... I live with Kells now" I said awkwardly. He didn't even look surprised. "That's good. I hope you guys are happy together... Its seems like you need each other" Ben said truthfully.

"Awe you're being so mature now" I teased him making him blushed.

Weston cleared his throat. "Kells wants us back now" Weston said.

"I am sorry Ben, I have to go but I'll see you soon" I said as I stood up and He stood up too. We hugged for few seconds.


When I got back at Kells house. It was already dark. I guess its dinner time. Clara was the first one who walked into the house with Weston and me behind her. Inside the house some men are drinking and talking with football match on the big screen.

They eyed me carefully, it feels like they want to know me. Its scary. I don't remember kells having this much men.

"Angel" Kells voice brought me back to reality. He was stood near the stairs. I smiled and walked faster to him even passed Clara who rolled her eyes again.

I hugged him. I missed him even though I met him earlier. "How was your visit ?" He asked while caressing my back with his both hands. "Good" I mumbled. He laughed.

His cologne filled my nose. His smell all around me. He is perfect. "Wanna go upstairs ?" He asked. I nodded and pulled away from him.

Once I pulled away, I look to other men in the house didn't look at me again, in fact they act like I wasn't there. Weston and Clara are no longer in the room either.

"Are you okay ?" Kells asked.

"Yes yes, I am sorry ... Let's go" I said as I grabbed his hand.

I took a shower then laid down beside kells on the bed.

"I want to have another baby" Kells said out of blue. I gasped and looked at him. "I... I am not ready, Kells" I said truthfully.

"Why ? I thought you like me back" he said.

More like I love you, Kells. .

"Yes but ... We started in very bad situation and I hope we could restart and do it right" I said again. He rolled his eyes. "I don't give a fuck, we both are a mess. You don't need anyone but me" he said looking straight into my eyes.

I grabbed his face and kissed his cheek. "Let's start as friends" I said.


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