if i could fly: (i)

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P A R T  I
Maputo, 2020.

The sun was at the highest point in the sky and it bore down on Anna Carson's skin – browned by the hour she'd spent tanning on the balcony. She felt warm and incredibly relaxed and her lashes fluttered behind her large black shades. She could feel sleep calling her and she was ready to give in without much of a fight.

That was until she heard a flutter of movement from the square-shaped swimming pool a few feet away from her and she was suddenly alert. Her girlfriend emerged from underwater, her long, curly black hair was slicked back and her brown skin sparkled with water and the sunlight that reflected so lovingly onto her. 

Anna couldn't keep her eyes off Paiten as she swam to the stairs and emerged out of the water like a mermaid with legs. Her eyes travelled over her slender neck, sharp collarbones and bare chest, her brown nipples erect from the cold water.

She walked over to her significant other with long, slow strides until she reached her beach chair and she lowered herself down onto her lap, letting the water cool down the warm skin of her thighs and stomach.

"Paiten, you're making me wet," Anna said.

"I'd like to think I can still do the job well," Paiten replied with a pleased smile.

With one swift motion she removed Anna's shades off of her so she could stare into the warm, light brown eyes behind them. Anna looked up at her in amusement and melted into the kiss she pressed against her mouth, their lips in a tango that had taken nearly four years to perfect. 

Paiten felt a thrill of heat shoot down at her spine and she pressed her wet chest against her girlfriend's and deepened the kiss. Her hands roamed over her freckled chest and pinched the rosy nipples with gentle fingers. Anna moaned, more awake than she'd ever been and burning with desire in her belly.

"Let's go inside," she murmured.

"I'd rather stay here," Paiten replied, her hand leading down a familiar path down her flat stomach and into her bikini bottoms.

"Paiten, we can't -"

"We're alone, Anna. No one is watching," Paiten drawled, her voice low and husky. Anna could never deny her anything as soon as that side of her came out, always intent to drive her crazy until she yielded, each and every single time.

She was right. The biggest reason they'd rented that apartment was for its seclusion from others. Their vacation to Mozambique over the second week of the new year had to be perfect and Anna couldn't deny that making love outside, with only the sun and wind as their witnesses was something out of a perfect love story.

Paiten was already throwing her yellow bikini bottoms to the floor and teasing a manicured finger over her thigh. Her finger came into contact with her moist folds and she teased her with no relent. 

Anna huffed and panted, feeling her heartbeat in her ears, throat and clit, trying hard not to fall apart before they got to the best part.

Paiten was an artist and her talent was pleasing her in a way no one ever had and each year they spent together, she grew more skilled in the art of lovemaking. It was weird to remember she had once been the inexperienced one between the two of them – it all seemed like such a lifetime ago.

The younger girl was the one with the insatiable appetite now, with a hunger for her that left her breathless and dazed. Paiten's fingers plunged into her and she lost her breath as two of those glorious slender fingers plunged inside of her heat and worked in a fast, passionate pace.

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