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"wow, playgrounds?!" hayes exclaimed as he flew open the door, his feet hitting the ground. playgrounds was the top secret teen hangout where it sounds likes chuck e cheese but really it's more hardcore, kind of. everyone filed out of the car and made a beeline to the door. kassie and i paced ourselves, sharing a laugh while the guys, pushed and shoved each other to get second behind hayes. this was the first time actually making a decently kind face at each other without something sassy coming from our mouths. it throwbacks to the good times way before our minds weren't set on boys. once at the door, we were giving an ultimate pass which allowed us to do whatever, whenever we want. i admired the shiny, lamented pass which reminded me of a meet and greet lament.

"okay, birthday boy, what are we hitting first?" nash smiled while his hand laid on his little brothers back.

hayes's eyes dashed quickly to laser tag then he took off with us quickly behind. thank goodness i put on converse. "okay, what happened to taylor?" matt asked, sending everyone into a hault. all eyes flowed to kassie. she nervously scratched the back of her neck as she shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot.

"well, kassie." hunter spat. she opened her mouth. "i'm here." his voice, booming from behind the guys. his eyebrows were furrowed; he was visibly upset. veins poked from his arms as they traced up to his neck. his furious, brown eyes laid on kassie, making tension brew between them.

"taylor!" they shouted and fist bumped him. a light smile dwelled on his face. i glared at kassie who was slightly shaking with tears almost falling down her eyes until finally catching herself. i shrugged it off. i'm not kassie's best friend, i don't have the right to reach out anymore.

"okay, i get first pick, i want johnson, shawn, hunter, weston, gabriel and maya."

matt, carter, taylor, kassie, gilinsky, and another guy named, jacob whitesides, played on nash's team. everyone was geared up and ready to go. kassie shifted uncomfortably next to taylor who was even more furious then before. i saw her lips part as taylor shoved her off. her head drifted downwards to her feet as her lip stuck between her teeth, fighting back tears. there was obviously a relationship problem here but i guess i was the only one who noticed. while i was analyzing the potential outbreak of their relationship which was really known of my business, a hand intertwied with mine.

"ready?" hayes smiled. i nodded my head as the door opened. everyone flooded inside the glowing stadium as one half of our team controlled the floor and the other sniped from the upper. hayes lead me to the top which was perfectly okay with me. most likely, i would be running around, screaming at unknown strangers. we crouched down and here and there peaked to aim at the enemy, shooting them as they murmured under there breathe at frustration. we laughed as hunter threw his laser on the floor, declaring that the his gun wouldn't shoot.

"you idiot, hold it with both of your hands!" nash shouted as everyone laughed. the game got super intense as people tried to take over the top floor. johnson was a pro, he was shooting left and right while getting people out on the lower floor- a legend i tell you.

the lights flashed on and the word "awe." came from every mouth in the room. sweat dripped down from everyone's forehead as the guys argued who won. of course, it was hayes's team.
"that was epic!" hayes yelled, smiling from ear to ear. we all cheered, agreeing. this was probably the best party more like the only party i've been to.

taylor rode back with us to our next destination, having no other choice to sit next to his ex? soon to be? i don't know.

"hey , maya!" taylor shouted over the loud music. i tilted my head, signaling i was all ears. he squeezed next to me. "i need to tell you something." he sighed, wiggling around until he was comfy. i nodded my head for him to go on.

"i'm really into you, maya mckay."

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