1- "Let's go"

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Chapter 1- "Let's go"

Isabella's POV

"Okay remember always keep your knife in your boot and I'll always have my crossbo-" my dad started to say but I cut him off.

"Daddy I know" I said as I tucked my knife deeper into my boot before all of this zombie shit started dad gave it to me. its rainbow on the blade and around it is all black. Its my favorite.

"Bel-" dad started to say but I cut him off again.

"Dad I am ready" I said.

Its been at least a year and some since the zombie thing started. Dad and I have been staying in our house since then. dad has been the only one to go on runs and stuff but now we're low and need to find somewhere else not only to stay for a while but to also find food.

We found out when one day mom got the virus. she came home one day sick cause a dog bit her and we thought she had rabies but we soon found out it was more.

So today is the day. Dad and I are gonna go find somewhere else to live....or stay for a while.

"Bell do you have everything?" Dad yelled from downstairs.

"Yeah coming" I yelled as I tucked a family photo into my bag.

I walked downstairs and dad was grabbing the last two peach containers that we had. Then he went to the garage. He started pouring the fuel he had stolen from gas stations and anywhere he could scavenge it. I hopped in the truck and tucked my bag away grabbing the pillow and small blanket I brought since it might be a long ride. Dad stuffed the rest of the fuel in the back and hopped in. He started her up and we were off.

As we drove those things were everywhere. I watched as they would turn and look at the car and start walking. Not running not jogging, walking. Their eyes not normal. Their body's starting to decay as they drag along.

We were driving along the back roads listening to low music from dad CD collection. I sat humming to it as dad thumped the steering wheel.

"Where you gonna fall when you realize you just can have it all" I sang low as we kept driving.


Its been about 5-6 hours and we came to a small house, its cute and dad said we can stay here for the night. Luckily it has a garage so we can hide the truck. Dad tried opening the door and thankfully it was unlocked. We walked in side dad whistling I guess to get the attention of any zombies inside the house.

As he walked from room to room I went to the kitchen. Cans and moldy food was everywhere. I checked the cabinets and yes there was food Thank God! I heard a growl and turned to see a thing I quickly took out my knife remembering what dad told me. "Get 'em in the head anywhere 'lse it wont do a damn thing are ya listening?" This is my first time even being this close to one quickly I gabbed at its head soon the knife sunk into what seemed a hollow head I watched as the thing fell to the floor and I took the knife from its head.

"Nice" My dad said casualty walking in from the living area.

"Thanks, found lots of cans " I said shoving my knife in my boot and turning back to the cabinets

"What they got?" He says as he sits down in a chair.

"Um Cherry's, peach cobbler, mixed fruit, beans, prunes, pudding, rice, more fruit and a old banana." I say as I grab a can of mixed fruit and a spoon and sit down in a chair. I set the can in the middle of the table so dad and I could share. I take the first bite as dad just grabbed a cherry with His dirty fingers.

"So bell there's 3 bedrooms upstairs. I get the master" he said as he drank the juice from the can, threw it on the floor and stood up to start walking up the stairs.

I followed him up the steps and noticed that the doors and windows had either a couch or a bookshelf in front of them.

I watched as he entered a bed room and left the door open. I kept walking and entered a bedroom. it had blue wallpaper and a neat set bed, a black night stand, radio, and a small TV but I doubt it works so I didn't try. I kicked off my boots and laid down.


I open my eyes and look around its still dark out. I knew I wouldn't get as much sleep as I planned to. Shrugging it off I roll over to try and get comfy again.......Nope still not working. So pretty much my night was tossing and turning.


"Bell get up" my dad said shaking me awake.

"Noo" I mumbled as I rolled over. Only about 2 hours of sleep containing me.

"We gotta go" he said and I looked up at him.

"Why?" I asked sitting up.

"Cause them things are pilin' up out side" he said as he walked out of the small room.

"Fine" I mumbled only over a whisper. I get up to get my shoes on and then meet dad downstairs near the back door or the garage door.

And just like that were off again.......

Ayanna Xx

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