Chapter One Hundred Fifty Nine

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"We definitely should have thought of names beforehand a bit more." Charlie said as he sat across from Anora with one twin in his arms. The little one in his arms was awake as she moved her little hands about and made little faces. The other twin was calm and resting on her mother's chest the only sound coming from her was the slight breath she inhaled and exhaled.

"I can tell which one takes after you." Charlie teased looking at Anora.

"I don't know about that, Charlie. Remember you were the fussy baby of the Weasley family. She might very well take after you." Anora chuckled running her hand over the back of the child on her soothingly.

"Any ideas for any name?" He asked.

"I don't know. Can't I just keep calling them both beautiful?"

"Well, for now, I don't see a problem with it, but when they're older, they might resent us for not giving them individual names."

"Ah you're right..."

The two parents were given the privacy of the room and to rest while throwing back the idea of names back and forth. 

"Amanda?" Charlie suggested.

Anora made a face. "I don't know...none of them really feel like an Amanda to me."

'Well, what about a French name? That's what your mother suggested." Charlie said.

"That was Mum's way of saying name one of the twins after her." Anora snorted.

"Right, that makes sense. Well we could name one of them after each of our mothers.'

"I like that..but wouldn't that be awfully confusing for everyone while they're growing up. I would go mental if there were two Anora's in the same room."

"But there never will be," Charlie told her, " there will always be one Anora and she's all mine."

Anora grinned to herself before looking over at him and leaning into give him a kiss.

"Wait...I got an idea with that." Anora said. "Each of them could take one of our mother's names as a middle name.

"I like that..I like that idea a lot." Charlie smiled. "You know what..I like the name Stella."

"Stella.." Anora repeated. "Yeah, Stella that's...that's a really pretty name. Do you know a Stella?" she asked him with a look.

"No." he answered quickly. "I just remember hearing the name one time when I was a boy. I thought it was nice."

"Stella...Stella Molly? Stella Simone?" 

"Why don't we focus on naming our other daughter and we'll see which middle name fits best." Charlie suggested. 

"Good idea."

The two sat quietly, thinking of names. But truth be told, Charlie was waiting for Anora to come up with a name she liked. After all, he had come up with Stella, it was only fair that Anora would be able to name their other daughter.

He could see the deep look of concentration on her face as she glanced down at the baby repeatedly. Frustration fell on her face multiple times but she seemed far too determine.

Charlie was beginning to drift off slightly as Stella started to fall asleep in his arms when Anora shot up scaring everyone in the room.

The babies threatened to cry but Anora quickly diffused the situation by touching both of her children gently with a reassuring voice.

"Ooops." she smiled at Charlie who only stared at her.

"Did you figure out a name, darling?" he asked her.

"I did. I like Eliza."

"Eliza...short for Elizabeth?'

"No. Short for Eliza." Anora said. "I just like's a fun name. Eliza. E..liza!"

"You're having too much fun with it."

"I think they go well together. Stella and Eliza.'

Charlie nodded his head as he repeated the names. "They go perfect together, don't they?"

"I also may be in favor of Eliza Simone...Eliza Simone Weasley."

"Don't you want to add Forney into the mix?"

"Eliza Simone Forney Weasley? I'm not try to get my child beat up here, Charles."

He snorted. "Okay so we have Eliza Simone and Stella Molly."

Suddenly, he heard the strangest noise emit from Anora causing him to look over at her.

"What in the world was that?"

"I'm trying so very hard not to cry right now." Anora said. "And I'm failing miserably..but we just named our two daughters, Charlie."

"Oh.." Realization hit Charlie harder than a bludger as he looked down to his children. Before a tear could drop from Anora's eyes, Charlie was already in tears.

"Dammit Charlie, I was supposed to cry first, now I have to be the strong one."

"Oh just cry woman!"

When Molly and Arthur came in to check on Anora and Charlie and their grandchildren, they found their grandchildren asleep and found the parents sobbing.

"Baby blues have hit them fast." Arthur said.

Molly rushed over to help in anyway she could. "What's wrong? Why are you two crying?"

"Because..." Charlie sniffed before wiping at his face. "We named the girls."

Molly's squeal would have shattered several eardrums if she had not clapped her hands over her mouth in time.

The new grandmother excitedly bounced in place waiting to hear the names as Arthur walked over and placed his hands on his wife's shoulders to calm her down.

"What are their names?" he asked calmly.

Charlie sat up with his twin in his arms. "This is Stella Molly."

"And this one..." Anora said. "It Eliza Simone."

"Stella and Eliza..." Arthur repeated. "Those are beautiful names. Well done, you two."

"Stella Molly? Eliza Simone?" Molly cried harder than Charlie and Anora combined as she walked over to kiss her grandbabies. "I love them. I love their names!"

As soon as Molly kissed Stella's forehead, the infant let out an angry cry.

"I've also wanted to point out that Stella is not big on touching...I mean...she is just tolerating me holding her while she sleeps."

"So you named the aggressive twin after your mother?" Arthur laughed. "Brilliant."

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