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Another AN! Letting you know what's going on.
I have no idea if it's just me but I'm getting pretty impatient with this story- as you read in the latest chapter, near the end, I rushed in some actual Billdip. I want so badly -excuse me- to write some yaoi! But the story has barely started and they just met. So you'll probably start to notice from now on that I'm going to rush their relationship. Let me know how you feel about that.
And fyi, you'll find out eventually why I renamed Bill, William. [Will; for short~!]
Plus, as I promised, Grunkle Stan is going to be added into the next chapter. I have a great idea on how to do that. And please excuse me if I get some gargoyle traits wrong- I'll have to do some research on that-.
Should I add Ford in, too?
And I'm also thinking about some Mabifica, btw.
Please don't hesitate to comment or pm me about anything you want, like, or dislike about the story.
Enjoy the video above- it's my favorite.


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