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So it has been 5 years since me and Mark have been married and we now live with our 3 and half years old fraternal twins, Micah and Mikayla in Korea.

Our 5th anniversary is coming up and we both happened to have a break from work. Mark decided to go to LA to let the kids visit their aunts, uncles and grandparents and leave them there for awhile, so that we can go and celebrate our anniversary.

Mark went and book a flight 2 days before our anniversary so that we can settle the kids down before going on a date. We packed for the upcoming trip and soon the day has come.

We landed in LA and went out of the airport finding Papa and Mama Tuan. Me and Mark carried the kids preventing them from running all over the place while we find that. Soon, we see Papa Tuan from a distance raising his hand, we walked over and hugged them.

We took the kids over to the house, Mark went up to settle the things while i take care of the kids and talk to Mama Tuan. Once Mark is done he came and pulled me all the way up to the room. Seeing a dress on the bed, he told me to get ready and wear that for the date.

After getting ready we went on our little date without the kids, doing what we liked best. Having a picnic in the park, after eating Mark laid down on the grass and I laid beside him, actually kind of laying on his chest.

He started talking while looking at the stars (a/n: hehehhee sound like some korea drama right there ) " y/n remember when we first met? Well i thought you were the most beautiful girl i've laid my eyes on. Remember how we would always end our date by laying down here? Well i wonder to myself everytime, what have I done that God let me have you by my side. Remember the proposal? How I lured you here making you think that it was another date. Remember 5 years ago today? When you walk down the aisle, wearing that beautiful white gown that made you look so beautiful like always. Remember the day when you gave birth to the kids? How much pain you've went through just to start our family. Well 5 years now? Nothing have changed, you are still the most beautiful woman i've ever seen and the woman that i love the most in this world. I want to walk down another 50 years with you, I love you and thank you for everything babe. " Mark ended, hearing that kind of made you emotional, you might have let your tears fall as you felt a kiss on your forehead coming from Mark and that is how you spent your 5th anniversary.


HEY GUYS!!!!!!! i'm back after months, i'm so so so sorry that i haven't updated. school got me burning the midnight oil you know HAHAHAH, other than that hope you guys enjoy this imagine:)))) although i think my writing skills kind of sucks now and im slowly running out of idea. do tell me how this imagine is in the comment and till the next idea comes up then. bye!! for now:)

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