Edited Version - Chapter 2

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All night I couldn't stop thinking about Luke, how his bright green apple eyes looked at me with such kindness and how he was genuinely a lovely guy. I was restless from excitement, what would it like to be his girlfriend? To go to shows with him, to have him read to me? Before I know it my alarm clock is illuminating the red digits of 3AM in front of my now worn out coco eyes, slowly I can feel myself drift off into a peaceful sleep, yet, Luke still consumed every space of my mind. I was woken up by the sound of my alarm clock moments later. I groan in exhaustion, what time had I even fallen to sleep? Slamming my hand against the device I stumble to my feet, my only will power was soon I would have a long summer break school was nearly over and done with, and I only had a study session this morning. Just a few more assignments I repeat over and over again as I dig through my wardrobe, finding a pair of blue jeans I match it with an oversized jumper and a pair of vans, throwing my curly hair into a bun I put my sunglasses on and deem myself ready for an hour of maths.

"Morning Sasha – what happened to you? You look ill." My mother comes over and touches my forehead for a temperature, pulling away I look at my dad exasperated as he lifts his cup of coffee to his mouth, the daily newspaper in front of him, which I presumed he was reading the sports section. His light blonde hair shining as the sun pours through the kitchen window.

"Hillary would you leave the poor girl alone." My mother was now the one to look exasperated, I carried a lot of her tributes I had come to realize over time. I had her hourglass figure – from being Spanish of course. The curly cave man hair, except hers was jet black and mine was like caramel thanks to my father's blonde genes, we had the same olive complexion and I couldn't help be grateful I wasn't passed on the Casper white complexion that seemed to run on my father's side, I would have loved to have had the crystal blue colour of their eyes though – but once again mine and my mothers were coco brown.

"She looks ill – hold on wait – why have you got sunglasses on in the house? Have you been doing drugs?" I sigh and grab a piece of bread from the side and plop it in the toaster, my dad had gone back to reading his newspaper no longer interested in my mother's frantic thoughts. The thing was she was very and I mean very overprotective of me, I was an only child – an immaculate conception she was told. A few years before I was born my mother was abducted and raped, and I knew it had affected her majorly and well who could blame her? She was paranoid, anxious and always alert, deep down I feel as if I don't know the whole story, of course, I was never told the gruesome details of what had happened within the time she was abducted. I still remember the day as if it was yesterday, I was thirteen at the time and well I was being rebellious as normal teenagers do, testing my parent's limits and acting out. My mother as she always had was very against me going out to play, luckily for me I had my dad on my side and he had finally convinced her I needed to socialize and make friends – have a normal childhood! The deal came with conditions, I was to play just outside the front and I had to be in by 5.

One day my childhood crush Curtis asked me to go for a bike ride down by the local woods, which obviously I couldn't resist and say no to them sparkling emerald eyes. It was nearly five and I knew I wouldn't be back in time but I went anyways. Luckily for me by the time I got home I wasn't killed by my mother, she was distraught and was just about to call the police. The argument was massive, one like never before, I felt trapped constantly and that was the day my dad pulled me aside and told me why my mother was the way she was. From then on I respected her wishes and realized she was just trying to protect me. A sudden wave of guilt rolls over me as I remember breaking them rules last night with Luke, what was it with handsome guys getting me in a whole load of trouble?

My toast finally pops up and I realise she had still been talking to me, thankfully I and my dad have learned to block out her rants and as I look over I see I wasn't the only one who was engrossed in my own thoughts.

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