Seventeen - He is just a stupid, lying potato face that thinks he is the shit

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Seventeen - He is just a stupid, lying potato face that thinks he is the shit

Kayden's POV

I pat the area of the bed next to me and Aria sits down, waiting for me to explain.

The thing is that I have no idea where to start, I know I have to tell her the truth because she is stuck in this place because of me and she is going to find out somehow. I don't want to lie to her.

I'm just glad Vincent hasn't hurt her. I was terrified. I know what he is like and he doesn't care what gender you are, he will kill you if he doesn't like you and you're not doing what he wants.

I run my hand over my face, sighing, "Okay, so I was really stupid. I was drug dealing for a guy the lived in our neighborhood back at home. I was okay and nobody knew about it so I knew I wouldn't go to jail or anything. Then Vincent Salvatore comes and offers me six million pounds to get drugs from a guy named Jaxon.

"I didn't know what kind of shit it would get me into and who says no to six million pounds just to get drugs? What I didn't know was that Jaxon lived all the way in London and that he is the leader of a gang called The Scorch. I couldn't get the drugs for Vincent and so he took me and locked me up and then you came and now he is using you against me.

"That's why Vincent brought us here, to London. He is at a meeting with Mr. Halorez who is one of the richest guys in the country. Mr. Halorez has a lot of power and a lot of information and Vincent is trying to find out where Jaxon is.

"When he finds Jaxon he is going to make me get the drugs and then he said once he has his drugs he will let us go and we won't have to see him again.

"I-I just... I might die, trying to get the drugs, Aria. I need you to promise me that no matter what, you won't let Vincent hurt you if I die. I have made a promise that I will get him the drugs as long as he doesn't hurt you and I think he has been keeping to his promise." I explain.

I decide to leave out the fact that Vincent threatened me and said he will touch Aria inappropriately if I don't get on the plane and risk my life to get a packet of drugs. I don't understand why these drugs are so important to him.

I guess he just wants the money.

"V-Vincent S-Salvatore?" Aria stutters.

I nod and look at Aria with a frown, "Did you not know this? Aria, they all part of The Shadows. You know, the gang that is wanted almost all over the world. Cody Lolin, Daniel Manikin and Vincent Salvatore..."

Aria stares at me in shock and then suddenly tears start falling down her cheeks and she covers her face with her hands.

"Aria, are you okay? Please don't cry." I beg. "Did Vincent do something to you?" I ask.

Aria looks up at me and shoves her finger at my chest, "This is your fault. Why couldn't you get a normal job? You knew Vincent was dangerous, why did you accept his offer?" she asks, angrily.

I look down at my lap, feeling guilty. "I'm sorry. I know it is my fault. I just... I wanted to get the money so that I could make you happier and so that I could buy you more food and maybe we could get a bigger house and then I thought I could get the money and I could quit my job and get a better job and I needed to pay for the school fees and bills and I was stupid, I know. I'm so sorry, please believe Aria. I love you so much and if I knew it would hurt you or that it would end this badly I would have never accepted." I explain.

Aria wraps her arms around me, "It's okay, Kayden. We will be okay. You can get the drugs, you won't die and then we can try and forget about this. It will be hard but we will make it. As long as we have each other." she says and smiles and a tear falls down my cheek.

Aria is all I have. If Vincent hurts her, I will kill. I won't have anything to loose so I will kill everybody that gets in the way of me getting revenge.

"What about if we run?" Aria asks.

"Aria, if we run Vincent will find us again and when he does we will be as good as dead. Plus, we have no money, no house here, we have nothing. We can't run. I have to risk it but I will get the drugs and Vincent will get us home." I explain.

Trust me, if we could run, I would.


Aria's POV

Grayson calls me out, saying that Vincent is back and I have to leave. I stand up, moving away from Kayden and walking out the door.

I want to fight and argue but I know it's useless. Especially because it is Vincent Salvatore.

I can't believe they lied. I can't believe I didn't notice. I honestly feel so stupid. I should have known they would lie, they kidnapped my brother and I, why wouldn't they lie?

I'm so stupid and oblivious and I am the epitome of idiocy.

I just... I guess for some reason I trusted them because I felt safe with them. There was just one problem.

If you're the killer in the movie then you have nothing to fear, right? You have the chainsaw and everyone else has to run and scream unless they're on your side.

I was so oblivious that I didn't realize I was  on the side with the worst killers of them all.

"Hey babe." Vincent greets, smiling, "You ready to go out?" he asks.

I feel a rush of anger. He seems so honest and nice, in a way, yet he is the complete opposite. I don't know why it freaking hurts so much. I was definitely attracted to Vincent but did that mean anything?

I mean, I am basically attracted to any hot guy so why would he be different? Why would this gang be different? They were a gang. They basically live to lie.

He is just a stupid, lying potato face that thinks he is the shit.

"Vincent." I say through gritted teeth as he walks closer to me.

He frowns, "No cupcake?" he asks, upset. I clench my jaw and do the last thing I would have expected; I lift my hand and whip it straight across his face.


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