Chapter 22 - Pack Law

Running into him of all people was something that she did not expect. Damn, he was the last person on Earth that she wanted to see... especially tonight. What did she do to deserve such a Fate? Why would otherwise Fate cross their paths again? Why out of all Enforces, did they send HIS squad to her location? Coincidence? Nah…. Nessa decided she must have done something terrible in her past. This was punishing her for her sins. She mentally went over the list and decided that her biggest offense was trespassing into Brandon’s territory out of spite.

Bad Nessa, bad!

She chided herself, vowing to herself and to anyone listening up above, that she would never ever trespass into Brandon’s territory… without a proper reason! That ought to fix her karma. The question remained: was it going to be fast enough? Whenever Alex was involved, Nessa was usually the one, dealing with the consequences of his actions. Was this going to be the case?

Trying to ignore him only served to infuriate him as he quickly approached her, wrapped his hand around her arm. Her eyes widened. Seeing him here after all those years hurt. Where was he when she needed him?! He was supposed to watch over her. Instead he left her to deal with everything… Alone! And for what? Had he found his mate, she would have understood. But ditching his family for the sake of Pack Law, was something she would never forgive him.

Lost in her thoughts, Nessa discovered that she got distracted and didn’t feel when he had managed to pull her into a more secluded area of the hall. As soon as she figured his intention, she hissed:

“Let me go.”

“Nes, calm down. Don’t make a scene!” his voice reached her ears. It was much deeper than she remembered. She took in his muscular stand and those brown eyes that she knew they shared. In addition to his handsome face and strong build, that home-y smell almost unwind her. She felt a pull in her heart. How long could she stay in front of him and hold back the hurt and the tears that were threatening to spill? She knew her eyes were getting watery and if she didn’t do something soon, she would cry for all those childhood memories they shared. For all those sleepless nights that she had wished he was there. For all that was left unsaid between them.

Damn him for doing this to her. She held onto her anger for all she was worth it. He left them. He turned his back on his family. He never even sent a postcard or called.

She eyed him coldly and stopped herself from wanting to claw his eyes out.

“Let go of me or this will turn ugly!” said Nessa and tried to pull her hand off his hold.

“It’s not the place…” He was about to say something when she noticed how his eyes flickered behind her and he froze for a moment. He subconsciously released her as the authority of the person behind her washed over him. She looked at him envious. Her wolf had retreat that deep into her subconscious that she could hardly feel the authority and pull coming from Alphas. Regrettably that was the thing that she missed the most. Werewolves were social; they lived in packs and established a community within it. She missed all that. She missed having a place to belong.

She slighted, curious to see who had interrupted them. She was almost certain that it was Lee with another set of inquisitor’s questions. It was almost adorable the way that he was taking care of “Ned”. Nessa still had hard time thinking of Marcus as Alpha Ned. He was so…. Marcus with her and she simply couldn’t accept him as the vicious animal everybody was painting him to be. Even so, he had the right to be angry, because of everything that had happened to him. Hell, she also had that right!

She turned to ensure the Alpha knew they were just talking as no matter how pissed off she was at Alex, she could never let him get hurt. It was one thing for her to pummel him; it was a whole other thing for someone else to do so. After all he was family. Her family!

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