Path of the Broken

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Tala and her fellow monks storm a large castle as a group of four. Soldiers attempt to cut them off. But they use their skill in magic and combat to dispatch them. The group travels through the halls. Each encounter they come cross, they are able to overcome without a problem. They finally arrive at the throne room where their true enemy lies. The black haired man stands before the heroes with his eyes furrowed. He draws his broadsword, preparing to fight. Tala's friends rush in first.

"No! We cannot attack him head on like this!" She yells.

The group, ignoring her words, continues their charge towards the young man. With the wave of his sword, he knocks them back. The group hits the ground, unconscious.

"I'll make you pay!" The red haired Tala says.

She charges towards the man. But unlike her friends, she has a plan. The man swings his sword. Tala evades the first attack. With staff in hand, she conjures a holy flame. She throws it at the man, who manages to evade the attack.

"You won't make it out of this room alive, Cain. This will be your resting place." Tala raises her staff, conjuring a bigger holy flame.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you're not on my level yet." Cain says as he turns his sword towards the ground. He raises it into the air. Just when Tala fires the huge holy flame, he drives his blade into the ground, creating a barrier. The flame hits the barrier and explodes.

The smoke clears. Tala is bent on one knee, feeling the effects of the explosion. Cain limps towards her.

"Not bad. You're getting stronger." He says.

Tala stares at Cain with determination in her eyes. She isn't ready to give up, despite not having the strength to stand. Cain puts the edge of the sword to her neck. "Any last words?" He asks as he stares right back into her eyes with a prideful look.

"Last words? I've only...begun..." Tala collapses to the floor, passing out face down.

Cain prepares to deliver the final blow, killing the only person capable of stopping him. But instead following through, he bends down and turns her over. He gives her a look, as to say she is pathetic for attempting a final battle without being fully prepared. He bends down, picks her up, and limps out of the castle.

Tala wakes up at the monastery. She attempts to raise up, but pain shoots through her body. Flinching, she lays back down. She places a hand on her head, noticing the bandage.

"You've done well my child. Now rest." Master Lee says, standing in the doorway of her room.

A few days later, a child villager reports to the monastery about Cain attacking his home. Tala follows after the villager despite still being injured. Once she arrives, Cain flees, leading her away. The chase stops in a grassy open field. Tala readies for battle, but Cain drops his sword and takes a seat on a big rock.

"What are you doing?" Tala asks.

"I wanted to talk to you." Cain says calmly.

"Talk? About what?"

"I don't know. Whatever friends would talk about."

"Friends? We're not friends. We are sworn enemies." Tala responds with some confusion.

"Do we have to be?" Cain gets up from his rock and faces her. He forces an awkward broken smile.

"Ok, this is creepy and it looks like a trap. I'm going to leave now." Tala holsters her staff on her back and walks away.

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