[Protected] Midoriya x Reader

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  "(Y/n)-chan! Sorry, did I made you wait?" Midoriya rushed to you. 

   "No, not at all," you send a sweet smile at him. "The mall sure is crowded today," you sighed. "Let's go,"

× Two Days Ago × 

   You were walking in the hallway with your bestfriend, [Bestfriend Name]. While walking, people kept waving at you and sent sweet smiles at you. You were one of the top students in school, and since you're really sweet and kind, no one really hates you. Other than that, you were really strong which causes you to be loved by everyone around you.

   "[Bestfriend Name]-chan, are you free this saturday? I was thinking of going to the mall," you asked [Bestfriend Name]. 

   "Ah. Sorry but I have a date with my Mineta-kun. Why don't you try asking other people," 

   " I did, but they're all occupied," you sighed.

   "(Y/n)-chan, wait!" you turned around and saw Midoriya running towards you. 

   "Izuku, what's wrong?" you asked.

   "I-I-I n-need you to help me with s-something," he said, trying to catch his breathe.

   "Well, I'll be leaving now, good luck both of you!" [Bestfriend Name]  left with a smirk on her face (she really ship both of you). 

   "Don't mind her. What do you want?"

   "I want you to help me with me homework, please I'm begging you!" he bowed at you. 

   "Izuku, you don't need to bow," you grabbed his hands as he raised his heads up. "But I can't let you copy my homework," 

   "No no no, I didn't mean by that! Your Quirk, can you use it to help me?" he asked. 'It's really weird that Midoriya didn't do his homework,' you thought. Your Quirk was to stop time, and since Midoriya was your close friend, you decided to help him out. 

× Time Skip [After Class] × 

   "(Y/n)-chan, thank you for helping me earlier! You're a life saver. I'd do anything to pay you back," Midoriya said sending you a big smile. 

   "Anything?" you said and thought about the offer for a second. "Well then, can you go out with me?" you asked.

   "HUUHH!?" his face was burning red and he tried to avoid eye contact with you. "Are y-you sure?"

   "Yeah, I just wanted to go to the mall but all my friends turned me down so would you go with me?"

  "Oh-h.......sure," Midoriya answered scratching at the back of his head, still blushing.

× Back To Present × 

   Both of you went to all your favorite clothing store. He took you to eat [Your Favorite Dessert] at [Dessert Cafe Name]. Both of you even went to watch [Movie Name] too. While watching the movie, he reached out his hand to yours, holding them. "Are you cold?" you asked him. 

   "Not really, I j-just thought you would, so...." he fluttered so you decided to hold his hand tighter. Both of you were having a pretty good time.

   You were pretty excited after watching the movie. "Izuku, did do remember the part when the heroine was saved? I thought that was really cool!" you were too excited and weren't paying much attention on what's in from of you which causes you to bump on a scary looking guy. "I'm sorry. I'm really really sorry," you apologized to him. But that doesn't seem to make him forgive you.

   "Can't you see me standin' in front of you when you walk?!" he grabbed your right arm and screamed right in your face. "Are you blind or something?!" he shouted even louder which makes you scared. Your eyes were filled tears and your nose started to turn red. 

   Right now, the guy wasn't the only one who's mad, Midoriya is too. He was mad at him for screaming at you, for treating you like that, and for making you cry. "Stop right there!" he shouted to the guy. "You're mad at her just because of a little bump? And she did apologized to you already. What do you want now, a fight?," he stood in front of you pushing the guy's hand away from your arm.

   "A fight? Sure, you little brat!" he shouted. Midoriya took a step back and do the boxing pose, preparing for the fight. But before something bad was about to happen, the security guard came and take him away.

   "(Y-y/n)-chan, are you okay?" he asked facing to you, wiping out your tears.

  "Yes, I'm fine," you smiled at him. "Ne, Izuku," you called him, looking directly into his eyes.


  "T-thank you for protecting me," you said as you leaned into him for a kiss. And of course, he kissed you back and grabbed your waist, pulling you closer to him. Both of you let go and you gave him a sweet smile. "Thank you," he was blushing like crazy, his whole body turned red and there were steam coming out of his ears. You found it really adorable and giggled.

  "W-what are you giggling about?" he asked, avoiding eye contact with you.

  "Izuku, you're just so adorable!" you told him. "Ne, I've always wanted to tell you something for so long so please listen," you said. "I like you, and now...... I'm really sure that you could protect me so....... Midoriya Izuku p-please go out with me," you confessed. Midoriya was surprised because he felt the same way too.

  "Where?" he asked.

  "Huh?" what he just said left you speechless. "Wait-- no, I mean boyfriend and girlfriend, idiot," you blushed.

  "Haha.. Of course, I just wanted to tease you," he giggled.

  "Well? Y-your answer?"

  "Of course I'd be y-your b-b-boyfriend," he nodded and reached in to hug you. Later, the day ended and both of you walked home together, holding each others hand.    


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