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Our world consists of living organisms. Our world is filled with mysteries itself. We believe that God created this world for us to accomplish any of His challenges for us.

It is said that this challenges will determine if you are truly worthy being called His child. Of course, some say that it's the Devil's doings.

Well I dont believe any of those. I know I was born in this world for nothing. My life is already full of misery. I cannot bare with it anymore. The world is cruel. I just want everything in this world to vanish.

I can't bare the ugliness of this world that was meant to be called our home. I know this is wrong, but I would not think of this things if it weren't for the people in this world. They should all just die already. Humans are filthy. Even in their souls. They don't deserve to live. They destroy everything. So they should be destroyed too. Even their happiness. Destroy all of it. Destroy everything, until there's nothing left in this world.

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