How To Get Over 1000 Reads

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Ok since I started writing on this site I have found the key to getting a lot of read is either having a story thats about Harry Potter or have some really annoying title like I know I am a Vampire but he looks so cute during a full moon.  Promotion helps but doesn't always get people to read further then the first page so I came up with a list of thing to get you a bunch of read

1. promote your story cause if you don't no one would even know you existed on this site let alone your story

2. Make friends if you make friends you read their story then they do the same for you

3. and the most important Fans some of you are all like I have over 100 fans yea but that doesn't mean they will read your new chapter what you need are loyal fans those individuals who read every chapter of your story and comment add to their Library and when you don't upload for a while they leave a message asking you when the next time you will

4. This is a good one too writing a really good story if your first story is good people expect that the next stories you write are going to be good to so they stay around

5. People say it's not good to judge a book by it's cover but hey would you really read a book with a cover you didn't find interesting I don't think so having a good cover will greatly increase people of reading 

By trying out these easy steps you will have over a thousand reads every week :-)

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