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"So who's house are we going to ?" Nat asks groggily as she rubs her eyes.

"He's a good friend of mine. I met him a few months ago." I met Sam a few months ago while I was out for a run and we started talking and I found out he helped veterans with PTSD, so he really helped me with my nightmares. Other than Natasha and Steve, he's the only other person I can open up to and feel comfortable with.

Steve stops and looks at the houses around us."Wait I know this place." He turns to me. "Are we going to Sam's place ?"

"Yeah,you know him ?" I keep walking ahead. It wouldn't suprise me that they already know eachother because all three of us run around the same place every morning.

He nods. "I met him not long ago."
"But how are you sure we can trust him ?" Nat asks me.

"Well for starters, he hates our government, and I think he was in the air force."

"Who doesn't hate this government ?" She snorts.

We walk up the steps and I hesitantly knock on the door's window. Sam opens the door and stares at us in shock. I don't blame him, we're completely dirty and part of my clothes are ripped.

"Hey Sam!" I greet him and he gives me a weird look. I sigh. "Look I'm sorry we had to do this, but we don't have anywhere else to go."

"Everyone we know is trying to kill us." Nat sighs.
"Not everyone. Come on in." Sam ushers us in and puts down the blinds in every window.

All three of us step into the bathroom at the same time and both Nat and Steve grab a towel to clean themselves. "Unlike you guys, I'm taking a shower cause I sweated and bleeded through these clothes."

"You don't even have extra clothes."

"I left some here after I came a few times." I say as I pull out a backpack I hid in Sam's closet. That is my emergency backpack, it has clothes, first-aid kit, and a few weapons.

I turn back to them and they look a me smirking. "Guys I wasn't here like that, I came because I needed his help for dealing with some personal stuff." I explain as I kick them out of the bathroom.

Even with the shower on, I can still hear them whispering.

"Personal stuff ?" Steve asks confused. "I guess it's about the nightmares she had after you guys came out of cryo." Nat whispers.

Can't they just mind their own bussines for once. The reason I didn't tell Steve was because I didn't want him to worry about me, he already had other important things to do.

"I suspected she had them but I never a actually knew. She never told me." Steve says sounding disappointed and a bit hurt.
This is exactly what I didn't want to happen.

"She didn't want you to worry too much about her." Nat says.

"But she always worries about me. She was basically the one who got me everything I needed: my apartment, motorcycle, and she was the one who told me Peggy was still alive." He sighs. "She's always there to make sure I'm fine, yet I fail to be there for her."

Oh god, these feeling conversations are my weakness,that's why always avoid them cause I always end up saying something stupid.

"What was she like back then ?" Nat asks in curiosity.

"She was really over-protective of Bucky and I ..." I can hear him smile before Nat interrupts him.
"Who is this Bucky ?" Her question makes my heart break all over again. I can tell the question caught Steve off-guard because he takes a while to answer.

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