Tiny Klaine Stories: Klaine Fighting?!

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    **Finn's P.O.V**

    _:"What's wrong with you?"

    _:"What's wrong with your self?!"

    _:"I'll tell you what's wrong with me: I have a problem!"

    _:"Sure you do!"

    _:"What does that suppose to mean, Blaine?!"

    _:"That means that..."

    And on & on & on. I thought I was asleep & having a nightmare but as I listened more carefully, Found out that they were Kurt & Blaine who were shouting at each other. I sat in my bed immediately just to be sure that I'm awake & they are still shouting & as I tilted my head toward Kurt's room, I became sure that it was him who was screaming like that.

    _:"Don't you dare talking to me like that Anderson!!!"

    That was it. They were fighting. I froze in my bed & couldn't believe what I was hearing. _:"They can't be fighting!" I murmured & paced to the stairs to see what I can do to stop them. When I heard a breaking noise like a plate broke or something, I couldn't wait any longer also couldn't go to Kurt's room.

    So I went back to my room, took my cellphone & dialed Rachel.

    _:"Hi babe!" Greeted Rachel happily.

    _:"Hey... Rachel we have a problem... I mean Kurt has a problem..."

    _:"What's wrong?" Her voice was full of worry. 

    _:"I don't know. It's just... I can hear a lot of noise..he & Blaine are..."

    She caught me:"FINN!!! You should give your brother his privacy! You can't spy on them when they are having..."

    _:"SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!" 

    Shouted Blaine on top of his longs.

    _:"What did you just say Finn? Thank you so much for shutting me up when I'm.." Said Rachel harshly.

    _:"RACHEL!!! What are you talking about? What privacy?! I wasn't the one who shouted at you, it was Blaine shouting at Kurt! We have a serious problem here. I think they are in the middle of a big fight!"

    _:"Oh my God! I'll be over soon. Don't go in his room! Not before hearing a gun shot!"

    _:"WHAT?!" I asked but she hung up.

    _:"And did you think I'll stand here and look at you little short man & won't say a word?! Huh?"

    Kurt's voice was shaking & it was tough to just stand there & hear my little brother being hurt by his boyfriend. I waited though, until I heard the door-bell.

    _:"Hi did I get here soon enough?" She didn't wait for my respond & paced to the stairs but just when she heard a scream, stopped and looked at me with eyes wide open.

    _:"What the hell?!" She mouthed.

    _:"See? I don't know what's wrong with them."

    _:"But they never fight! Even if they do, it won't include shouting &..."

    _:"SHUT UUUUUUUUUP!" Yelled Blaine from down stairs.

    _:"We have to get in his room. We can't let them yell at each other like that." Rachel said with a worried face.

    _:"I think so but I'm not sure if we can be any kind of help to them."

    _:"Should we call Burt?"

    _:"Oh definitely not! His heart is weak. You know." I replied as we heard some swears from Kurt's room.

    _:"That's it! I'm going to stop them!" Rachel said & walked downstairs.

    _:"STOP IT!!!!" She screamed & I ran to her & looked at Kurt's room. He & Blaine were in the opposite sides of his room & they looked shocked.

    _:"Excuse me Rachel but... What should we stop?" Blaine asked gently not like he was shouting a minute ago.

    _:"Stop fighting..." Rachel said slowly. Kurt & Blaine exchanged a look & she continued:"Guys!!! You two make a very cute couple & you are in love with each other. Every relationship has it's own problems but with the help of the two, you can get over it... Just please..." Rachel's tragic speech was caught by Kurt's & Blaine's laughter. They just bursted into laughter & couldn't stop. Rachel & I just looked at each other with confusion & I shrugged.

     Kurt & Blaine had tears in their eyes & fell on the floor still laughing like crazy.

    _:"Can you two stop laughing?! What is so funny about you having a fight?" I asked confused.

    _:"Oh hahahaaa... It's just that... Hahahaaa.... We were not fighting!" Kurt mumbled between his laughter.

    _:"But you were, a minute ago. You were shouting & swearing & all!" Rachel said angrily, crossing her arms.

    _:"We were just playing a game!" Blaine answered & looked at the laughing Kurt.

    _:"What?!" Rachel & I both asked at the same time.

    _:"You know that Kurt & I are too in love to ever fight. We are soul mates & all we have all the time, is a lovely cute relationship. So today we decided to change things a bit & act as a fighting angry couple. We were just acting guys. Relax!" Blaine explained & started laughing again.

    _:"That is ridiculous! But at least I'm happy that you are not actually fighting!" Rachel said & smiled.

    _:"You scared me so much Blaine! I thought you were hurting my little bro!" I exclaimed.

    _:"Oh no!!! I wouldn't dare!" He said & went to Kurt, wrapped an arm around his shoulders & kissed his cheek. Kurt blushed & I looked away:"Okay I'm glad & we better be going away. Right Rache?" I grabbed her hand & dragged her out of the room.

    **Kurt's P.O.V** 

    As Finn & Rachel went out I looked at Blaine   & we laughed some more.

    _:"I can't believe they thought we were fighting!" He said through teary eyes.

    _:"Me either! We won't ever fight like that! Never!" I said & got quiet for a second.

    _:"But just between the two of us, did you mean anything you said?" I asked looking down.

    _:"Oh my God!! Of course not Kurtie! You know that I adore you!" He said sweetly.

    I smiled & hung my arms around his neck:"I know you do!" Then kissed his nose softly & he leaned in closer & just then...

    _:"Seriously?!" He groaned & took his cellphone out of his pucket. Seemed like it was vibrating.

    _:"Hi mum! Yea... Yea I'm at Kurt's. no no you didn't interrupt anything... Okay... Sure... Love you too" he talked to the phone.

    _:"So she didn't interrupt anything, huh?" I smirked.

    _:"She sure did!" And then he grabbed my hip & kissed me passionately on the mouth.

    _:"I love you too much to ever hurt you Kurt..." He whispered against my mouth.

    _:"I love you too, Blainy!" I replied & rested my forehead against his.

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