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No One POV:

Soon all the packs knew of the status of the Luna and the attack on them. To say that most packs were furious on the rogues was an understatement. Some went to the über-alpha and offered their help if needed. No one was to lay hands on their Luna or the alpha's brother while they lived. But life's not pretty colors and rainbows, and some packs made clear that they didn't believe the attack or that the Luna was indeed pregnant. They thought it was all a scam so that Lucien could have all the packs to himself when the time to succeed him came.

Lucien tried to prove them wrong with the ultrasound the doctor gave him but they claimed it was false and fake. He tried to convince them to watch Mika's progress so they can see for themselves that he wasn't lying. Some of them agreed but two packs flat-out rejected the idea. Thinking on the safety of his mate, brother and babies, Lucien's overprotective side came forward together with his wolf; backed up with Vladymir's own protective growl.

After all, he was involved too.

"I see you guys don't want to believe or even give me time to prove myself, so you give me no choice. Either you ask for forgiveness or leave my protection. I won't risk my mate's life or my brother's." Lucien growled while making eye contact with both alphas. They were reunited on Lucien's study, while Mika and Logan were in our bedroom...for safety reasons.

One of them lowered his head in submission but the other spoke out.

"Only those two options? What if we want the third one?" Alpha Han, of the Eastern Asian Pack, dared.

Lucien just arched one eyebrow in questioning; his stance relaxed, arms crossed on his chest; daring him to finish.

"I challenge you for the über-alpha position."

"You know that what you're calling on is a death match, right?" Lucien said, not at all surprised with this outcome.

Some growls erupted from some of the members of the royal guard that were there. Luc looked at Vladymir, who silenced them.

"If I didn't knew, I wouldn't be challenging you."

Lucien just nodded absentmindedly, acknowledging him and at the same time thinking what to say.

"Do you know why the über-alpha position, the Royal position, is only passed from father to son?" He asked, eyeing the now worried Han who shook his head no.

"Because only and über-alpha's son has the blood, power and genes to carry off the duty for thousands of years if necessary." Lucien stood up slowly from his chair, both hands laid open on the table as he leaned forward towards Han. His massive built and presence more threateningly apparent now than ever. "Do you think you have what it takes to lead all the packs in the world, pup?" Lucien spoke slowly, letting his insult sink in. "You, who is no more than 20 years old, come into my house, threaten my mate and unborn child as well as my brother, calls me a liar in front of everyone and challenges me, the King alpha and a wolf more than 30 years old that has more experience you will ever have, to a death match? Heh, I don't know if to call you extremely insane or extremely stupid. But, tell you what; if you are crazy enough to keep your threat, I'll be waiting for you tomorrow night at the public plaza." Lucien declared in a menacing voice and sat down.

Han stood up in anger at the way Lucien had shamed him. Just as he was walking out, Vladymir's eerily calmed voice spoke as he escorted them out. "Only a man with a death wish would threaten the mate and cub of the most overprotective, dangerous and scary man in the world."

"Man?" Kevin, Vlad's second-in-command, said while snorting.

"Heh, this guy just woke the beast I haven't seen since the massacre eighteen years ago. Let's just pray that this time he can overcome the beast or this match will be over in seconds."

Everybody knew of the massacre of eighteen years ago and in that moment Han knew he had made the biggest mistake of his life. One that there was no turning back from...


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