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Picture of Lucien and Mika's wolves--------->


Lucien's POV:

'Mika, baby talk to me. Don't worry, I'm on my way...' I pleaded as I ran faster than I've ever ran before, fear feeding my adrenaline and muscles, urging me to go faster.

My pack kept pace, something I was proud of considering how fast I was going. The fact that their luna, their über-alpha queen was in danger gave them the energy to kept pace.

'Two rogue scouts were here. Unlucky for them, they messed with the wrong bitch.' I could feel the anger and power through our bond and I almost laughed. Leave it to Mika to be angry and all alpha bitch instead of frightened.

'Where are you? And wait, what did you mean by that?' I hope I didn't understand what I think I did.

'N-nothing, Logan's calling me. I'm at the pack house. The rogues are being held at the dungeons. The rest of the Royal Guard that you left here to guard came in handy.'

'This is far from over, Mika Lunderveng, what were you thinking?!' Now I was pissed. 'If something were to happen to you or our child-'

'But nothing happened. Now shut up and come home.'

I just ran faster, pissed as hell at him. By the way Vlad speed up with me, Logan was in deep shit too.

We made it in record time, taking less than half the time we did when we left. Some mates and servants were waiting with clothes for us. Neither Mika nor Logan were outside so I guessed they were hiding from us.

"Where's Mika?" I asked a maid as I put my sweats on.

"Luna said that he wasn't feeling well so he went to laid down on his room."

"WHAT?! And you didn't call the doctor or anything?!"

"N-no, I didn't since Dr. Lunderveng went to check on him." The maid tremble a little and I willed my body to calm down. Nobody knew yet about the pregnancy so I have to be careful. So I exhales loudly as I willed my body to calm down.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have snapped like that. Go, prepare some food and rooms for our guests please."

"Yes alpha." She bowed a little and left.

Without wasting time, I went upstairs to our room. Opening the door I found a sleeping Mika with a fever as Logan wiped out the sweat.

"What's wrong?!" I began to panic, afraid of the outcome.

"Don't worry, he's alright. It's just his body changing to accommodate the baby better. Remember that different to humans, we only have six months of gestation to do the work usually nine months do." Logan said while whipping a cold towel on Mika's forehead. "Here, give him a cold shower and lay him to rest, he should be fine by tomorrow." And with that he stood up and left us alone.

I went to work at once, undressing him carefully. I went to the bathroom and prepared the shower with all the things he liked and went for him.

"It's cold." Mika said as soon as he got in the shower.

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