Chapter 6: Rogues

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*Picture of  a Rogue Wolf*


Lucien's POV:

The night grew cold and eerily quiet as we grew closer to the rogue's pack. We were all in our wolf's form as we ran through the forest, a deadly purpose in our minds. Different to us, the rogues were beast without thoughts of their own or any human traits. They were always in a cross between beast and human; never changing, never shifting back. They were ruled by their animalistic instinct, killing all on its path. In the more extreme cases, rogues could regain their human side and mind, making them more dangerous and calculating. That is why we have to kill them. For the safety of our lands and the protection of our secret.

Alpha Raizo's wolf stopped abruptly, lifting his muzzle to sniff the air. Something was wrong. My wolf did the same as I assimilated the different smells.


Somewhere blood was spilled.

'I smell blood coming from the east. It's too strong to be just a kill or a hunt.' I warned Raizo.

'I smelled it too. Let's send two scouts to check.' He proposed and I agreed. Better to be cautious than regretting things later.

I chose my best scout and, together with his, they left to check. Yet something felt terribly wrong.

Mika's POV:

"Luna, do you need anything else?" My maid asked as I declined smiling at her.

"Thanks, but we're good."

"Ok." She nodded and left us.

"You know, I'm getting bored of being inside all this time. Let's go out on a run!" Logan whined and made faces making me laugh at him.

"Ok, ok, you convinced me. Let's go. I swear, you're worse than a little kid sometimes."

Laughing and talking, we both stripped and shifted as soon as we were outside. My wolf was white with some soft cream and gray in some areas while Logan's wolf was a mix between black, cream and white. The most amazing thing about his wolf was the contrast of his fur with his baby blue eyes. It was strikingly beautiful.

Nipping my paws playfully, he started to run, making me follow him. This was what we been needing. The air in our fur, the dirt in our paws, the freedom that being the wolf brings. Nothing can bring us more pleasure than being connected to our inner wild. I was afraid to shift at first, with me being pregnant and all, but after Logan ensured me that the baby will shift with me, I had nothing to worry. To be honest I was afraid to not be able to shift for six months...I'm too connected with my wolf...

'Game, five yards ahead of us. A deer in his prime. This ought to be fun' I could hear Logan snickering. He love hunting the most and was amazing at it.

'I can scent it. You'll take the left and I'll get the right. We'll attack as soon as we see an opening, not a minute before or after.' I ordered, weighing out out pros and cons.

'Roger that' Logan goofed and went in position.

Silently we approached the deer, careful of not startling him, and when we saw an opening...

'Now!' I shouted and Logan busted out of his hiding place, attaching his jaw in the deer's jugular. His kill was clean and fast, making it seem effortless.

After we both ate and cleaned ourselves, we went by a river to drink.

'This was fun. I really needed this...' Logan sighted as we rest near the river.

I yelp in approval as I laid on my back, my ears moving, searching for any threatening sound.

'Did you hear that?' I sat and began scanning our surrounding.

'Huh?'  Logan sat too and began to look around.

'M-maybe is better if we go back...'

'Yeah, let's go.'

Right at that moment, another branched snapped, a huge reddish-black wolf appearing out of our right side. His crimson red eyes let me now he was a rogue.


Lucien's POV:

'Alpha, it is a massacre, but it is not fresh, maybe two or three days ago.' Jongwhai, alpha Raizo's scout announced as they came back.

'What do you mean?' I asked.

All this seems suspicious...

'LUCIEN!!!' Mika's frantic cry brought me up short, panic setting in.

I turned around to only see Vladymir whimpering. Something wasn't right.

'MIKA! Where are you? What's going on? Are you ok?!' I needed him to keep talking...

I shifted and told alpha Raizo what was happening, I needed a direct line with Mika and I wasn't risking mind-talking with anyone.

"I'm leaving some of my men with you to continue the search but I have to go. My mate's in danger and..."

'Don't say more. I know the importance of a mate and to top it all, it's my brother we're talking about. Go, take all your me and some of mine. I can deal with a few will be easier to pass unnoticed.' Raizo said and I bowed in thanks.

Without missing a beat, I was shifting and running back to our pack.


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