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Mika POV:

"No Kiki, I'm not ok." Logan sighed and reclined his head on my lap. We were currently sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for news on the guys while we waited for the food to be done.

"Care to elaborate, oh brother-in-law of mine?"

"...No...maybe....haaaa." he exhaled and sat up, bringing his knees up and hugging them. "What I'm about to tell you doesn't leave this room ok?" I nodded and he kept on. "I'm mated to Vladymir."

"I know." I said unsurprisingly calm.

"Huh?! But when? Nobody was supposed to know!" He began to panick.

"And nobody does. I knew by the way you two look at each other and small things like that. I have good eye." I smirked at him. He exhaled in relief but I knew he still had something hiding.

"Well...there's more. I'm...I'm also...I'm pregnant." He blurted out and exhaled loudly.

"WHAT?!" This is didn't see coming. "Wait, does Vladymir knows?"

"No. I found out the day that they left so..." he was scared and I could feel it.

A pregnant male was abnormally rare and it hasn't happened in more than 500 years, so to be two males pregnant and three matings known so far...things were changing and I felt it.

"Wait...isn't the baby supposed to create a bond between you three? So in a way he'll know...right?" I ask curiously since it wasn't like that exactly for Luc and me.

"Is not that simple. If the male doesn't know, he'll feel this immense need to protect his mate and will start to know the changes like being able to hear their mate at longs distances and feel everything like pain and things like that. It's like the mating bond has amplified a 100 times and you'll be able to control things better, etc." I thought about it and it was true. I could feel the link between Lucien and me stronger and all that...

"I believe that we'll receive a call, soon..." I sighted.

Vladymir POV :

"So this is the best area to attack. It's open so we know no one's going to sneak out; and it's away from human population. Also if we locate here we'll have the advantage of high ground so we can see when they arrive, leaving out for them the element of surprise." Lucien dicted out the plan of attack as we planned the best ways.

We were on the outskirts of a little village between Mongolia and Russia. Here the signs of rogue we're the strongest, so we knew they were close, hencebthe battle plan. We we're all dressed with black cargo pants, sleeveless black shirts and combat boots. We had on our gear and vest too.

Out of the blue my heart contracted and an urge to return home to my mate settle over me. Shit, I hope everything's ok back at home. I look over at Luc to see if he experienced something like this but he was calmly speaking strategies. So then what...?

"Alpha, can I have word?" I asked, unable to shake this feeling.

Lucien, seeing my face and knowing me so well, nodded and we left outside.

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