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Logan POV:

Stupid. I was so stupid for not telling them before they left; specially Vlad. He won't forgive himself and less me...

Urgh! Why did this had to happen?!

I paced up and down the living room at Mika's place thinking what the he'll am I gonna do now...


As soon as my brother and his mate left, I finished my paperwork ready to leave and go home. The hospital was surprisingly less full that usual and I was really tired. Even though I'm a ob/gyn doctor, I was a Generalist first, so I usually serve where I'm needed.

"Dr. Lunderveng, a patient has been asking for you." my right handed nurse told me as soon as she saw me leaving.

"I'm on my way out Miss Kalaf, can it be done in the morning? It's not that I don't want to, but I've been awake for more than 48 hours and I need rest. "

"I know doc, but I wouldn't be asking if this wasn't important." she pleaded and I gave in. She was my favorite nurse after all.

"Ok, let's go see this inpatient patient of mine." I joked.

We walked to one of the cubicles in the ER department where one of my patients was about to give birth. What was wrong with that is the fact that she isn't due yet for another two months. Why didn't she say so earlier?!

"Nina, it's me Dr. Logan. What's wrong?" I quickly dismissed my tiredness and went to work. My patients and their lives were more important than the few hours of sleep awaiting me. Hours passed and we finally could stabilize her...when something weird happened.

Everything blurred from my vision at the same time that a pounding noise began on my head. The floor started moving from side to side and then it was gone. Voices sounded in the background but I couldn't distinguish them.

Then nothing.

I woke up to beeping noises. The blinding lights let me know that I was still at the hospital. I tried to move but something was pressing down on my left hand. As I moved my head to the side, I saw Vladymir sleeping, his head on my hand. Well that explains the lack of movement.

Slowly I raised my right hand, minding the IV cable, and softly stroke his hair. His eyes opened slowly and when he saw me, he gave me the sexy smile I fell in love with.

"Hey sleepyhead..." he said and kissed my forehead. He stood up and stroked my hair softly. I could feel his fear through the bond and it pained me cause it was my fault. Gosh I'm such a workaholic...

"Hey, what happened?" I groaned, my voice sore and way deeper than normal. Yep, I need water. "Water."

"Well doctor, that's what we want to know. You were fine and then you fainted. Nurse Kalaf said that you were tired and sleepless, reason why she thinks you fainted. The reports on the blood test are supposed to arrive soon. They called me only because Lucien couldn't be reached. Don't worry, they don't know about us. I told them the alpha send me since he is busy with rogues." He said as soon as he saw my panic expression forming and handed me the water.

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