Chapter 3: Bonds

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Mika POV:

"Here, look. You see this? That's your baby. You are almost two month and surprisingly healthy." Logan announced as he rubbed the cylinder across my stomach from side to side to check everything.

In that moment, the door opened silently revealing a very sorry Lucien. My face split on a very happy grin and my inner wolf danced around as soon as it saw our mate.

"Hi..." I whispered at him.

"Hey..." he said shyly and smiled at me.

"Brother, you are just in time. I was explaining Mika things about the baby and the precautions and care he will need." Logan announced making Lucien look at the screen.

"Is that..."he said almost in awe, not looking away from the screen.

"Yes. That's your baby, Luc."

Lucien could only stare at it, and through our bond I could feel the emotions flowing, I could feel the bond between the baby and Luc already growing stronger, bonding us three together. I could also feel that he was happy about the baby and already love him more that he thought he would, that he was worried about what was happening and how he would protect us and that he was sad for being an ass towards me...

'The biggest ass I bet...' He said through his mind and I held a laugh.

'Nah, just a little one. I understand what you were thinking, but it still hurt when you left. I thought you were ashamed of me, like I did something wrong...' I lowered my head in sadness.

"Logan can you give us a moment?" he said to his brother, who nodded and left.

"Mika look at me. You did nothing wrong and I would never be ashamed of you. Did you feel that coming out of me at any moment? No, right? Look...more than anything I was...afraid. I really don't want to lose you...either of you." He placed his palm in my stomach, caressing it softly.

"You won't." as I could, I went to him and hugged him. He responded, hugging the life out of me and apologizing over and over.

"Can we start over?" he looked at me with a puppy look.

I just laughed and hugged him again. "There is nothing to start over again for. Just, don't leave me again like that...I'm also afraid you know."

"Ok." he smiled and call Logan in...

He finished the ultrasound and, helping me get cleaned out, told us to wait at his office.

"As I told you before, you have to take extra care at least until the fourth month, where you get out of the 'danger-zone', as we like to call it. By now, your baby has already formed the bond between you three. This will help in the growing of the baby as will do with your health. Luc, if you can, don't leave them for long periods of time; the baby will need your presence as much as he needs Mika's. Also, you will notice that you can hear your mate from greater distances and feel both of them. This is a defense mechanism that helps you keep an eye on them even if you are not near."

"That's good to know. I was about to ask. I can already feel the bond between us..." Lucien said in wonder.

I could only smile. I was happy. I was finally giving Lucien something he always desired but thought lost, and I was more than happy to be a mother.

"Well with all said, here are the prescription for the prenatal vitamins and here is the list of do's and don'ts in the food department. I'll schedule another visit in two weeks time where we'll set the due date and everything." Logan gave me the prescriptions and papers, and with a wave we left home.

Lucien POV :

Father... In approximately four months I'm going to become a father...

To say that I was excited was an understatement. I've always wanted a family but when I saw that my mate was male, let's just say that I almost lost hope. I knew it could be possible for males to get pregnant but it has been so long...I just wondered what it meant for it to be happening again...

On our way home, we talked about everything, including the precautions Mika would take when I'm not home and all that. Also, we agreed no to tell anyone yet, the risk was too big and I couldn't afford to lose either of them, it would destroy me. Funny how your biggest strength is your greatest weakness.

"Alpha, Beta Ruki from the Western Asia pack request your presence." my beta, Loui, announced, driving me back from my thoughts.

I was currently in my private office near the bedroom, getting papers done...or supposedly getting papers done. Mika is a big distraction... but one I welcome anytime.

"Show him in to the study. I'll be there soon."

"Alpha." he said and bowed a little, leaving me again to my thoughts.


"To what do I owe this visit? It's been awhile since I've seen you." I greeted Ruki as we sat on the study. "Brandy? Bourbon? Hennessy? " I asked.

"No thanks. I came with news of a rogue pack moving towards our lands. The reason why I'm here and not alpha Raizo is because he's trying to stop them. I'm here to ask for your help." his eyes shined with ushered tears.

His case was a really weird one. He, who was a beta and a fighter, was mated to the alpha. This mating happened a couple of months after mine, and only some alphas knew the truth. To the others, the alpha's mate was always on the house, secure and safe.

I thought warily about the situation. If this was different, I would not hesitate to go. But with Mika's pregnancy and all this going on...I was hesitant. Besides...Raizo was Mika's brother, something no one but me knew.

"Would you let me consult this with my council? It will only be a minute. I'll give you my answer withing the hour."

"Alpha..." he bowed and I left in search of my mate, beta and best friend.

No One POV :

"What?! Are you crazy? Why are you planning to leave now? Can't you send someone else?" Mika tried to reason with Lucien as they discussed the best strategy for it. The only reason why he was like that (besides the hormones) was because he didn't knew it was his brothers pack. Lucien didn't want him to stress too much, so he kept the details to himself.

Luc took Mika's face in his hands and kissed him.

"You know I can't. I'm the über-alpha, ergo I have to go. Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it. I'll leave Loui as your bodyguard and you'll be in charge. Please do this for me. I need your help in this..." their foreheads were pressed together, in a silent exchange of feelings.

'Just make sure you come back to us.' Mika pleaded silently. Not letting his feelings show to anyone except his mate.

'I promise... Take care of you both and our pack. I'm counting on you.' Lucien promised and, with a kiss, he left with Vladymir on his heels to help the Western Asia pack.


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